Strong body, strong mind – focusing on wellbeing for 2017

I’ve thrown myself heart first into 2017. Last year was a difficult one for me, for many reasons that I may or may not write about properly, but let’s just say that realising I had high blood pressure, being treated to my first panic attack, breaking my collarbone and wrist (silly Tess), and losing my precious, brave Yaya (Greek for nan) along with various other personal events that went a bit tits up meant I had a predominantly stressed and strung out 2016.

My bones are fully healed now, and as I try to not dwell too much on the bad stuff, being a sucker for a fresh start, I’m loving the clean slate and renewed motivation that a New Year brings, however artificial it may seem to some.

Over the past few months I’ve bought various colouring books and self-help guides, read hoards of articles online on how to focus on what matters and give just enough fucks to get by on what doesn’t, and this month also went to a brilliant wellbeing event with Brighton Digital Women.

What I’ve really realised, and what I think I knew all along, is that I’m happiest when I make being healthy and active a priority, whatever life throws at me.

When running makes you feel invincible… 

For the past few weeks I’ve been really working on getting stronger, in my body and my mind, and ticking off my winter training goals to make the start of 2017 a healthy and happy one. Actually now that I’ve just re-read my goals I’m pretty chuffed to say I’m smashing them.

I’m motivated and excited to train, and feeling inspired again, in more ways than one. I’ve been working with Brighton PT Amy Jordan from Love Life Fitness to get strong for Brighton Marathon and to rehabilitate my shoulder, and I’m chuffed to say that after a five week block of focused training my shoulder no longer aches for no reason and I’m lifting in the gym again.

Nothing that would put a seasoned Crossfitter to shame, but it’s all relative and for me, it’s more than hard enough right now to build back up slowly.

Making time for regular, consistent training has really helped. I’ve got a goal. Marathon training is so much more than just training for an event. It’s what gets me up in the morning, for a 6am PT session or intervals run. It’s what drives me to eat well(ish), train smart, prioritise sleep and look after my body. It gives me drive to keep pushing myself even when sometimes I really, (and I mean really), can’t be arsed.

I’m loving training with Chris, it’s so nice to be able to share the journey with him rather than me writhing around on the foam roller alone. At least now he understands why I’m bellowing into the night as my legs cramp up after the long run 🙂 (Stay tuned this week for the latest He Said, She Said marathon training update) 

Away from training and with a bit of help from the lovely Linda at Now & When Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy, I’ve realigned my priorities in life and am making space for reflection and growth, choosing to walk away from stress. Changing habits are hard, especially when they’re engrained into your persona, but once you take a step back and define what’s important to you, it really is quite simple.

Make time to do the things you love, focus on the people you love, be in the places you love. 

My physio Tom shared this graphic on Twitter earlier, asking us to share how running has changed our lives or helped overcome adversity. Like Jenny Baker – who’s just written a book titled Run for Your Life, detailing how she kicked cancers butt with running. 

Running’s given me a lot of things, you can see my response in the tweet below.

I’d love to know what running and being active has given you or how it’s changed your life? (Hopefully it’s not given you reeeaaally crampy legs like I’ve got from this morning’s long run, but of course if you ran today, it is a possibility!)

Share how running’s changed your life below or on Twitter using the #runforyourlife hashtag. Don’t forget to tag @tomgoom and @runningjenbaker in your tweet!


What are you focusing on for 2017?

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