Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down then DIE – Day 18 of Juneathon

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Making its way round YouTube at the moment is a push up challenge that’s not for the feint hearted. And we all know I love a good challenge.

Tonight was the second time I’ve done it, and failed miserably.

I’m blaming the fail on the fact that it was near the end of an excruciatingly hot and sweaty boxercise session, and all my energy had melted into a puddle next to me after the last exercise. Nothing to do with my feeble upper body strength. No Siree, not at all.

For those of you not familiar, here are the ingredients used tonight to make this wonderful concoction of evil:

  • One play of Moby’s song, Flower. 
  • 40 or so already knackered bootcampers. 
  • One crazy instructor who likes to show off his bronzed legs.
  • Pain. Lots of it. 
  • Multiple pain-ridden roars/growls/grimaces from said knackered bootcampers. 

It’s simple. Start in the press up position. When the song says ‘bring Sally up’, you come up. When the song says ‘bring Sally down’, you go down, and you don’t come up until it says ‘bring Sally up’ again, then down, then up, etc. etc. in time with the music, until the end. 

Nice and easy, right? 

NO. It’s hard. It hurts. It’s EVIL. 

But it’s good. I can’t do it all the way through yet. And I say ‘yet’ with purpose. I started off with full press ups before moving on to my knees and then chickening out and doing squats for about 20seconds and getting back down to it. Something to aim for though, a challenge to rise to and all that.

You can do it as press ups or as squats or crunches. I can do it nearly all the way through with crunches but definitely not press ups, even on the knees.

Just try it. It’s mental.

Have you tried it? Let me know how you do!


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