A Father’s Day fail & a cocktail of Tribesports challenges – Day 16 of #Juneathon

While basking in the glory of yesterday’s minute+ Parkrun PB I forgot to get organised and get the old man a Father’s Day card. I woke up with achey legs and a guilty conscience – and three things on my To Do list for the day:

  1. Get Dad and Grandad a card on the way over for Sunday lunch with them. 
  2. Eat said Sunday lunch. 
  3. Do some exercise of some sort to work Sunday lunch off – exactly what exercise was to be figured out after the above had taken place. 

I managed number two quite easily, unsurprisingly enough. Number one however was a massive fail when I skipped into Tesco just after midday to be confronted with this:

Fathers Day cards

It’s a good job they stock some pretty generic birthday cards – a little scrubbing out and correcting later and voila! Two Father’s Day cards were presented to the oldies. Job done. 

A cocktail of Tribesports challenges

Anyway, the roast was uh-mazing (lamb – my favourite), and pudding delightful (plumb crumble – nomnomnom), so I of course had to go hard on the workout to compensate. Tonight’s activity of choice: a cocktail of Tribesports challenges – The Power Legs Workout, Core Workout, and of course Day 14 of the #30DaySquatChallenge.   

The Power Legs Workout caught my eye as anyone who takes the challenge goes into a draw to win a bunch of prizes, and being the competition whore that I am, I couldn’t resist having a go. I got all cocky though and thought I’d be able to do the advanced sets, as we do a lot of this stuff at bootcamp every week. (3x continuous sets of 20 burpees after a round of 3x 10 jumping lunges should be nice and easy, right?) 


Tribesports power legs workout

There’s a reason they incentivised this one with prizes – it hurts! I managed the advanced sets for all of the exercises apart from the burpees – I just couldn’t do 3x 20 after the jumping lunges, so I knocked those down to intermediate and just did 2x 15 and went back up to advanced for the rest of the exercise. 

Followed that with the Core Workout – another killer! I really need to work on my crunches because I keep pulling from my neck and that’s not good. If anyone’s got some tips on how to not pull your neck when crunching please do share! 

Tribesports Core challenge exercises

Squeezed in Day 14’s squats from the #30DaySquatChallenge and there you have it. Day 16 of Juneathon complete. 

Tomorrow is the start of a new timetable at bootcamp, so will be mixing it up a bit 🙂 

Here’s my profile on Tribesports – come and say hello 🙂 

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