Undoing a lie with a Parkrun PB: Day 15 of Juneathon

You know when I said I wouldn’t let that cold get me? When I said I had too much to be getting on with to succumb to it and would make all my sessions this week regardless of whether I could breathe or not?

Yeah, well, I lied.

But after a couple of days feeling sorry for myself and sneezing myself into oblivion I’m back with a vengeance and a shiny new Parkrun PB under my belt. I said to myself last night that I would run hard today to make up for a poor week, although I didn’t think I’d get such a good PB so am mega chuffed 🙂

So that’s one of my initial goals set out on Day 2 of Juneathon completed – to get a sub-28 minute Parkrun time. I thought it was a bit more out of reach than it actually was, so now I’m a bit worried about having to maintain that pace or beat it next time.

Another of my goals set out on Day 2 was to get to and maintain a 9:30min/mi pace for the 10k to come in just under an hour. Today I ran at an average pace of 8:53min/mi, which is really fast for my stumpy lil legs. If I can maintain around that pace for double the time I could bag myself a lovely 10k race time, and build on that for the half in February. I might be getting a bit too obsessed with numbers here, but it’s exciting to see myself getting better, and makes the hard work and disappointing bad runs worth while.

My mission at the moment is to get faster and stronger and I think I’m just about on my way 🙂