Cranking up the power songs for Day 11 of #Juneathon

A combination of a busy week and the daily emotional rollercoaster I seem to be on following the demise of my poor Dobby last Monday seems to have finally caught up with me over the last couple of days, and I’m feeling a bit rough.

The beginnings of a cold are creeping up on me but I’ve got too much to be getting on with to succumb to it, so I’m still going to all of my planned sessions this week regardless of whether I can breathe or not. All medals gratefully received, thank you.

Crank up the power song

Day 11’s escapades: Boxercise. I haven’t been for over a week as been doing other sessions/running but it was great to get back into it. One thing I love about boxercise (or boxeo as it’s now called), is the music. All of the bootcamp sessions I do are really hard work but the indoor ones have the added benefit of music and when you get that right it’s suddenly not so hard any more.

Case in point: tonight’s warm up. A wicked progressive house mix of Fatboy Slim’s Right Here Right Now – the perfect antidote to a bunged up nose and heavy head. Six minutes of jumping, punching, twisting and skipping to the beat and my lack of energy and sore throat are successfully kicked up the arse for the next hour.

Just take a listen to this badboy and tell me you’re not up for jumping around like a maniac!

Top 5 power songs:

When in need of a boost, I have a few trusty power songs up my sleeve to keep me going (Yes, I am a bit of a Pendulum whore, and no, I’m not ashamed).

         1) Pendulum – Watercolour

    2) Pendulum/FreeStylers – Painkiller
    3) Marc Simz – Forbidden City


         4) Chase and Status – Pieces


         5) Tiesto – Just Be


I’ve got hundreds more but these are my go to songs, especially when running. If anyone’s got some other great tracks feel free to share as I’m always on the lookout for some belters!


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