Day 10 of #Juneathon – swapping bootcamp for space hoppers

Despite successfully making it to adulthood there are a number of things that I missed out on as a child. Some apparently great things from other people’s childhoods never made it into mine – those coming-of-age/rites-of-passage things that prompt involuntary barks of “What?! You’ve never seen that?” “You haven’t done this?!” when you let it slip that you haven’t.

Things like:

  1. Watching the original Star Wars films. 
  2. Seeing The Labyrinth.
  3. Having a Sega Mega Drive (I had a Master System so was obviously way cooler).

My childhood was instead filled with little nuggets of joy like these:

  1. Trolls. I had LOTS of them. 
  2. The Never Ending Story.
  3. The world’s largest collection of Kinder Egg Tiny Terrapins (I didn’t get my ‘Oompa Loompa’ nickname for eating lots of carrot sticks, I can assure you). 

Swapping bootcamp for space hoppers

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with Juneathon, so I’ll stop reminiscing. Tonight’s exercise, boys and girls, was a space hopper race. Sod running, ditch bootcamp, who needs cycling? NO ONE. Not when there’s a few spare space hoppers laying about in the park they don’t.

I had to miss the bootcamp session I was booked onto as I had to stay late at work so was wondering how I was gonna get tonight’s exercise in. I just so happened to be passing the park at the end of the session and stopped by to cycle back with the boy. When offered a go, I couldn’t refuse. It’s actually a lot harder work than I thought, so that’s why I’m claiming it as my Juneathon day 10 activity. 

I failed pretty monumentally though, and came last, but meh. LOOK AT THE JOY!! 

Now if anyone tells me they haven’t seen the Never Ending Story I’m coming round with a life size model of Falcour… 

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