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There’s a new cafe in town and I want them to feed me breakfast, lunch and dinner every day until I die.

It’s in Hove (actually). As in proper Hove, Church Road side, past the Town Hall and everything. The dark side. 

They do steak salad. You heard me. And salmon.

I’m talking proper steak and actual fresh salmon fillet, cooked to order, sat on a bed of whatever the hell superfood you want, with hard boiled eggs, baked sweet potato, feta cheese, and a whole load of tzatziki (or your dressing of choice) thrown in for good measure.


Super superfoods (salmon) salad with sweet chilli dip (I prefer with tzatziki now)  🙂 

I’m a sucker for good food, but have a habit of defaulting to unhealthy crap when on the go a lot at work, and if I’m busy and haven’t had made time to prep lunches and snacks to take in for the week.

To be completely honest, gone are the days of the regimented weekly shop and meticulous Sunday night food prep. In fact, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve indulged in my weekly food prep ritual, mainly because I just haven’t been bothered.

Three things have been shining a beacon of healthy, nutritious light into my often grab-and-go world, and the Body Fuel Cafe in Hove is one of them.

The others are M&S Food Halls at train stations and Hello Fresh deliveries (more on the latter, later!)

Muscle maker (rump steak) salad – all the NOMS. 

In a city where avocado and smoked salmon on sourdough is the norm for most cafes, the new kid on the block had to offer something a bit different to stand out.

Actually the Body Fuel is the not-so-new kid on the block now as it’s taken me bloody ages to write the review since they first invited me down a few months ago! Not that I haven’t been back since then of course, I might as well move in tbh.

protein packed – with feta instead of cottage cheese 🙂 

I’ve been undertaking some extensive quality control over the last few months. I’ve tried the salmon (super superfoods), steak (muscle maker) and chicken (protein packed) salads and keep returning to them. The falafel salad is also pretty fit.

I’ve had pancakes and poached eggs with smashed avocado on toast for breakfast, and a couple of the hot specials for lunches.

I’ve tried the peanut butter milkshake (YES MATE) and tried the green juice (lovely stuff).

And it’s all been banging.  

Sweet potato, edamame beans and coconut stew with broccoli & cauliflower instead of rice (my choice)

It’s all pretty cheap too, for the mahoosive portions you get. I’m a bit of a Brighton cafe wanker, I know all the best sourdough/avo haunts (there are many),  and you’ll get way more bang for your buck at Body Fuel for your £6-8 let me tell you.

Show me somewhere else in Brighton (or Hove, actually), where you can get a full on salmon fillet salad for £8. With baked sweet potato, and feta, and eggs. And poached eggs on sourdough for £4.50 (£6 with smashed avocado). 

I’m not the only one who’s in on the secret. 

I’ve bumped into gym buddies on numerous occasions in the queue. Some of whom go off piste and make their own salad from the bar, but I don’t like the responsibility so stick with the pre-selected favourites on the menu. 

I still haven’t made my way around the whole menu yet as I keep going back to my favourites – the chicken (protein packed) and salmon (super superfoods).

They also do home or office lunchtime delivery too, with a minimum order of £15. I’ve not yet tried this but totally gonna.

It feels like this cafe is there just for me, ready to reward me for my morning workout, or keep me away from convenience foods when I cba to prep my lunches. A big wholesome hug of healthy, batting off the carb cuddles and 3pm slump with ease.

There’s only three things that I’d change: 

1) Get a proper coffee machine to furnish the post-workout crowd with the obligatory flat white (if they’ve got one now, I stand corrected).

2) Open a bit earlier so I can refuel straight after some of the earlier sessions like 6.30am intervals with the BTRS crew.

3) Open up a branch in our flat just for me and Chris to keep Deliveroo at bay and keep us on the wagon.

Or maybe I’ll just move in…

The Body Fuel Cafe can be found at 123 Church Road, Hove and is open Monday to Sunday from 8am. Visit for menus and more info, and if you fancy a bit of food porn in your Insta feed head this way

Disclaimer: I was offered two complimentary meals at The Body Fuel in exchange for a review. All subsequent quality control was done at my own cost, and the pleasure on all occasions is all mine. MINE I TELL YOU. STAY AWAY. 


What makes a great cafe for you?

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