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Monday, 12 December 2016

For girls who ride: Casquette

FitBits | Casquette women's cycling magazine review | Tess Agnew fitness blogger

It's about time there was a magazine for the lesser spotted MAWIL (middle-aged woman in lycra). Actually, maybe not so middle-aged, and actually not so lesser spotted, if you're looking in the right places - the general, any-aged, woman in lycra. The GAWIL(?)

The woman (or girl), who appreciates the majesty of fully matching shorts and jersey; or gets her kicks setting off the 30mph speed camera on a wheel-wobbling 45mph downhill descent.

The woman whose quads are a force to be reckoned with, not least because of their hill-climbing skills, but also because of their exquisitely maintained tan lines during the summer.

Rule no. 7, boys and girls. Rule. No. 7.

 FitBits | Casquette women's cycling magazine review | Tess Agnew fitness blogger


Girls who ride

Finally, there's a paper-back place for her to feed her bike-shaped desires. A place where she can browse freely and relate, feeling like part of the gang.

She can flick through beautiful 'cycletography' (featuring women), gorgeous illustrations (created by women), and read captivating interviews with inspiring badass bike bitches like ex bike courier turned Transcontinental race winner, Emily Chappell, or Britain's greatest road cycling champion Nicole Cooke.

 FitBits | Casquette women's cycling magazine review | Tess Agnew fitness blogger

She can read about the phenomenon of sock doping, and perve over the Lust List and kit porn with gusto (Page 19, ladies. I NEED the starry outfit in my life right now).

So many cycling magazines are just endless catalogues of bike porn we can't afford, expeditions we'll never go on, race times we'll never achieve.

Casquette is different. It's real, and attainable, and inspiring. It makes you want to get out on your bike, whatever bike that is. It's a happy fusion of fitness, fashion and food - with a cycling angle.

It's not just a place for lusting. Its pages are filled with vital learnings:

  • How to wee in bib shorts
  • Such a thing as commuter jeans exist (literally, who knew!)
  • How to get faster on hills (page 51)
  • Why you need a bike fit
  • How to make avocado mayonnaise (page 44)
  • The proper name for a cycle cap (check the front cover)
  • New favourite cycling blog - Velo City Girl
  • New favourite brands: Queen Of The Mountains, Velo Vixen (probably a bit late to the party on that one)

 FitBits | Casquette women's cycling magazine review | Tess Agnew fitness blogger
I don't know what that is stuck to the page but I cba to take another photo #sorrynotsorry

This is a much needed breath of fresh air for women's cycling, and cycling in general. It's exactly what we need to get more women cycling.

The FREE quarterly first issue was released in Autumn (I know, it's taken me this long to read it and write this up - bad Tess), and there's a shed load more content up on for you to get stuck into.

You can get a copy straight to your door, paying only the postage online right now.

Do it. Go on.


Visit for more info & bike-shaped inspo.
And keep an eye out for the Brighton Pit Stop page, coming soon! 


What magazines do you read?

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