Sugar got me bad, yo… advice please!

I need your help guys.

I may or may not have eaten a Refresher bar and Bounty earlier at 10:45pm. I put away a big bag of Squashies last night, after destroying a huge slice of cake at work, and in the last week have impulse-bought two massive bags of Haribo at petrol stations, just because.

Sugar got me bad, yo.

This isn’t just a week of bingeing either, this is a hardcore addiction that’s been going on for months. Pretty much since the day after I broke my bones, actually. I can’t stop.

My day goes like this:

Get up tired too late to workout, die on the way to work on the mountain bike because it’s hard (not allowed to ride the roadie yet due to position).

inject caffeine, work arse off til late.

come home.

fill said arse with sugar and shit. 


Sometimes I’ll have a healthy breakfast of eggs and avocado but then a hectic day and raddled brain sees off my resolve and goodwill in a confetti of sweets, chips and junk food.


There are a few failsafes that I’ve been pulling out the bag to justify my bingeing:

  1. I’m soooooo busy
  2. I’m still trying to get back to training after breaking my collarbone and wrist
  3. I’m ‘hungover’ from literally sitting on my arse for six weeks while off sick
  4. Chris is working away so I ‘can’t’ cook for one
  5. I’m too tired to cook when I get home late from work

They’re all true. But the real truth is, I actually just can’t be arsed.

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Yes I’m mega busy right now, but I know what makes me feel good; what makes me more productive and happy – and it sure ain’t 10:45pm Refresher bars.

Not even the pink ones.

Back on the wagon

I was so desperate to get back to fitness when I was off sick, and now I’m back at work all I wanna do is sleep and eat crap. But I know all I have to do is break the cycle, just for one whole day. Then another, and another.

When #parkrun feels like a #marathon… Keep. Bloody. Running. ✌🏼️

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In my depressed vegetative state while off sick I hastily booked onto the Phoenix 10k in Brighton to kick my arse into gear, which unfortunately happens to be tomorrow night (well, technically today now, as it’s gone midnight).

And I’ve done, oh, I dunno, ZERO training. 

I’ve been plodding my way round a few parkrun PWs over the past few weeks, only just living to tell the tale. I’m now riding my mountain bike to work every day which is hard bloody work by the way, and completely unnecessarily so, and before I started riding again I was walking to work, which I actually started to enjoy. 

But running, guys. Ugh. It hurts so bad right now. Even with these BEAUTIFUL shoes to do it in. 

And I know it’s just a case of consistency, dedication and persistence to get back into it. The wonderful people of #UKRunChat said so, when I asked while hosting the hour this Sunday. (Click the tweet below to expand the answers)

So, the question I put to you you all is this… (please do answer in time for this evening’s race!)

Do I do the 10k this evening, even though I may die a slow, horrible death at 2km / be last in / have to run/walk for the first time ever (nothing at all wrong with this approach, just would be the first time for me so a new experience)? 

Or do I cut my losses and sit this one out, but focus on smaller, more consistent runs and try to get off the sugar and shit to reclaim my health?

I’ll try to get off the sugar, caffeine and crap anyway, promise…


What should I do? 10k or no 10k? 

Would really appreciate your advice here!

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