A tired Tess' train of thought

I’ve got 15 minutes to write and publish this post. If it takes any longer than that and my macbook battery dies, I won’t pick this trail of thought back up again tomorrow. Plus, this train gets into Brighton in about half an hour anyway so no time to faff.

Stop faffing Tess.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on trains lately for work. Going to London for meetings, travelling to Birmingham for filming, heading to Manchester for media tours. Today I spent all day and night at the Olympic Stadium for the inaugural Great Team Relay, a corporate 4x5km relay event organised by the Great Run Company.

It was brilliant.

It was all about coming together to experience the joy of running – the challenge, the competition, that finish line feeling. Experiencing it together, just for fun. 

I’ve never worked event-side before but I know how it feels to run, and race, and to do it together with friends. 

It was a true joy to be part of it from the other side. And I wasn’t jealous at all… 😉

After the run people were singing, and dancing, with arms around each other, holding hands. I really think you can add running and beer to anything and it’ll bring people together. 

I’ve been looking for a way to love running again and with the Great Team Relay tonight and the Great Newham London Run on Sunday, again at the Olympic Stadium, I think I’m about to find it, without running a single step. 

And aside from the running, another thing that’s made me happy recently is… train people.

On the train on the way to London today I met a lovely psychoanalyst who has just planted a vineyard in Kent with her Barrister husband, and has to wait a few years to sell the fruits of their labour. Mental health is an issue be close to my heart and it was good to tell a (qualified) stranger my woes.

Travelling back tonight in my watery-eyed, too-tired-to-move, sugar-addled state (all hail M&S mini profiterole dessert), I met a beautifully drunk older couple who had just been to a work do in the city and were all giggly and cute, looking at each other intently as they spoke; focusing on me when they asked questions about why I was so tired. And was I enjoying my wine?

Opposite me now are a couple who haven’t said a word to each other since sitting down, he’s on his phone, and she’s just sitting quietly, content.

Joe’s over there, he’s on his iPad. I don’t know his WiFi password so I had to tether to my own phone, eating into my battery. 10 minutes remaining.

Someone behind me has got the BEST hiccups. Proper loud they are. I just laughed out loud at typing that.

The notification of death has been served…

Uploading that screenshot cost me two minutes of battery. Bastard.

I wrote a post on Tuesday about how fat and busy I am, and it’s all true – but today, I realised that it’s OK. It’s OK to fuel yourself on sugar and shit when you’re focus is on something other than training. When you’re working hard and actually, don’t have time for much else.

I saw the beauty in a lot of things today, and it restored a bit of my soul that I thought I’d lost. 

Right now, I’m a little drunk on good vibes from the Great Team Relay, good conversation with strangers and the tiny single measure bottle of wine that I bought to reward myself for my mega long day. 

The profiteroles and yumyums may have helped too (always get the impulse-buy yumyums in the M&S train station queue).

Life is good, guys.

However fat and tired you are 🙂

PS. I’m getting off the sugar after these events! Promise…