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Being the massive foodies that we are, me and the hubs love a good Brighton restaurant and eat out quite a lot – it’s basically where all our money that doesn’t get spent on races, classes and running/cycling kit goes.

This year I want to write about our epic feasting across Brighton’s many amazing restaurants. Huffington Post called Brighton the UK’s No.1 Foodie Hotspot and I promise you it’s no lie. You’ll have to excuse my crap photos though as I don’t really fancy taking my DSLR out with me over the dinner table.

Last night we went out for the most lovely meal at Sam’s of Brighton, in Kemptown. There used to be one in Seven Dials which is nearer to us, but we never got round to visiting, and when a Groupon popped up just before Christmas for a Two Course Meal for 2 at just £29, I banked it for a January treat as I knew money would be tight.

We walked the two miles to get there a) to make room for the feast and b) because we couldn’t be arsed spending a fiver each on two buses. The restaurant is tucked away off the main road, and has a really nice ambience about it.

Oh, and I totally broke the ‘I’m-not-drinking-until-the-marathon’ thing with a couple of glasses of a lovely Chilean Cab Sav with dinner. *happy face*

I was really excited all day about the food – I really do get far too happy about the prospect of good grub, you should’ve seen me on honeymoon on our Michelin Star restaurant escapades!

As we’d already paid for two courses, we of course had to have some oysters as a pre starter, reliving our Scottish honeymoon adventures where we devoured oysters everywhere we went.

Chris had the scallops with parsnip puree and cispy kale, and my starter was the organic salmon burger, fennel puree, spinach, squid and sundried tomato vinaigrette – it was as delicious as it sounds. 

I would LOVE the recipe for this as I reckon it’d make a perfect post-run dinner with a nice side salad and handful (or two) of sweet potato chips. 

For the main I had the free range chicken breast, Dauphinoise potatoes (HELL YES I DID), green beans, creamed wild mushrooms and tarragon. 

It was a toss up for me between this and the 10hr cooked beef and pancetta with button mushrooms and creamed potatoes on the specials board but the mention of a ‘creamy mushroom sauce you could eat with a spoon’ from the waitress made my mind up for me. 

It was totally, utterly awesome and I’m salivating just thinking about it now. 

It would’ve actually been illegal not to finish the meal with a dessert after demolishing our mains. I used to always order dessert when out for dinner but haven’t for a long time so was a little too excited about this. 

I’ve been eating clean(ish) and training hard all week, and I’m all about the 80/20, so to end the meal in style we chose the warm chocolate fondant with caramel icecream and honeycomb to share. 

The sight of the warm gooey chocolate oozing out of the fondant when we broke it with a spoon literally sent me into a giddy craze. I think I need to get less excited about food! 

I didn’t get a good enough photo of it but I can assure you it was the sex. 

A single measure of smokey single malt for Chris and a frothy cappuccino for me saw us on our way for the windy walk home with full bellies.  

It’s been a while since we’ve been out for dinner and had such a faultless experience; the food and service were second-to-none and we’ll definitely be going back for more. Especially as we signed up to the membership to receive exclusive offers and discounts by email. 

Well played, Sam’s of Brighton. See you soon! 

(Now… I HAVE to get out for this bloody Kenyan Hills session… I’m going. I’m going now…) 

Are you a foodie who eats out a lot? Have you visited Sam’s before? What’s your favourite restaurant in Brighton (or elsewhere – let me know so we can visit if we’re in town!)  


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