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I did it again this week – got to Sunday night thinking I’m a week earlier than it is in my marathon training plan. Tomorrow is the start of week six. WEEK BLOODY SIX PEOPLE. Where has this time gone?!

I’ll say it again though – I’m in a much better position this time round than last year. As I keep banging on about, the strength training is doing wonders for my running and general fitness, and I’ll share the body fat results and measurements etc. with you next week but I just wanted to do a quick round up of the last couple of weeks before I forget.

W/C 12/1/15 – WEEK 4

Week four was a busy one for work and training, with double day workouts that proper knackered me out by the weekend. I wasn’t sure if it was more than just being knackered though as on Friday night/Saturday day time I had a bad stomach and headache that wouldn’t shift so I missed Saturday’s hills session and had an afternoon nap instead. 

Hubs took this photo of me and the cat mid-snooze. This is week four – imagine what I’ll be like by week 16!! 

My old weekly favourite bfit Core class is back on the menu for Mondays from now as I know I need to build my core strength back up and the only way to do that is go to an hour-long controlled class where I’m made to do it. 

The threshold and progression runs were done on a treadmill at the gym and the PT sessions were as ever, bloody hard. Amy got me doing TRX pull ups and clocked me using my legs to help me up pretty early on. Dammit. 

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Sunday’s long run was done on my own cautiously as I didn’t wanna risk going up to the Downs with the RunBrighton crew in the rain in case my ropey feeling of the past couple of days turned into something shit. 

It was also my first experience of the Serial podcast, and I’m now totally hooked! (No spoilers please…)

Mon: PT 7am + bfit CORE PM
Tue: Lunchtime: Threshold run 45mins 4x(5mins threshold / 2mins jog) 

Wed: REST Cycle commute

Thu: PT 7am + lunchtime 40mins out and back – out for 20 / back 2-3mins faster

Fri:REST  Cycle commute Sat: REST 
Sun: Long run – 10miles

*missed – Continuous Hills 45mins

W/C 19/1/15 – WEEK 5

Week five has been a cut back week on the running, so the midweek runs were at a nice easy pace, which was welcome actually, although I didn’t realise how much I might’ve needed it. The last week of PT with Amy saw me moving up to 20kg for the barbell chest press which made me well happy, and Amy said I could’ve probably gone up to 25 too already. 

Maybe not for three sets of 15 just yet though…

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The midweek runs were mere plods around the block with hubs and a quick runcommute to work (which was too short to finish episode six of Serial much to my annoyance).

In terms of the weekend it’s been the BEST for running, with a parkrun PB (FINALLY cracking my 2013 record and coming in just under 26mins!), which has really shocked me as last year I lost the speed in my legs. Maybe all these hills, threshold sessions and weights are sorting me right out!

Sunday was a lovely sightseeing 11miles around London joining Leah, Charlie, Zoe, Lissy and Kathy for some of their run too.

I also went to the Write This Run A Bit on The Side workshop today so am bursting with motivation, enthusiasm and excitement for what I’ve got planned over the next year. Watch this space! 


Tue:  PT 7am

Wed:Easy runcommute 25mins  

Thu:PT 7am + Easy run 20mins

Fri:Gym – weights

Sat:parkrun PB!! 25:58!!

Sun:WTR A Bit on the Side workshop+Long run (1hr45mins)


Heading into week six tomorrow and the threshold, hills and progression runs are back so best give these legs a rest! And I STILL need to fit in yoga and swimming. I will make this happen I promise.

How is your training going so far, whether for a marathon or not? How do you fit your long run in if you’ve got plans away from home at the weekend? 


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