Week 4 Brighton Marathon Training – Breaking 10 miles

Brighton Marathon training: weeks 5&6 –> 

I’m sprawled across the floor in a pitiful version of pigeon pose as I type this; trying to shut up my screaming arse and hamstrings after today’s long run.

Today, I broke 10miles. TEN MOTHERTRUCKIN’ MILES boys & girls. 

*Happy face*

To say I’m chuffed is a bit of an understatement – I’m not gonna shut up about this for ages. Well, OK, until I run it again, or further. So gimme a couple of weeks, yeah?  

RunBrighton training runs brighton marathon training
Into double figures!!

Little by little

There are a lot of psychological barriers and milestones in marathon training; not least the terrifying prospect of actually running the damn thing – 26.2 miles is a bloody long way, and it scares the shit out of me. But, doing things that scare and challenge you are good for the soul. 

If something’s easy, what’s the point in doing it? 

Brighton Marathon training run alarm
Epic Sunday run alarm!

I’m a big believer in setting goals and working hard to reach them. And despite my constant state of terror and denial at the moment I know deep down that if training is broken down into manageable, weekly chunks, and I keep up with my physio/strength and conditioning exercises, foam rolling and rest/recovery, I can do it.

*hang on, let me swap legs*

After running 8.5miles for a couple of weeks during the 1hr30 long runs with RunBrighton, this morning’s outing was 1hr45, starting at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton and out and back to Rottingdean over the chalk cliffs. The first half of the run was into some immense headwind, which, combined with the hills was interesting to say the least!

I was really nervous about this run as I’ve had a bit of a crap week running-wise and missed the two hard midweek runs. I had to abandon my threshold session on Tuesday because of niggling knees that weren’t easing during the warm up. I think it might be because I need longer to recover from the Sunday long run. Not wanting to put myself out again I didn’t try to run again until Saturday and did a couple of yoga sessions (one at home and one class) alongside cycling to work to keep things moving.

A beautiful Brighton Parkrun

By Saturday my knees felt OK to run so I ventured out to my first Parkrun since October. One word: OUCH. It’s been far too long and despite my resolve to take it easy to save my legs for today I couldn’t help but push on through – it was my second slowest Parkrun ever but it hurt like hell. Still, it was a beautiful morning, and I was glad to be out running. 

So, apart from yesterday’s Preston Park Parkrun and this morning’s 10miler (yay, said it again!), that’s it for running this week. I’m hoping to nail the sessions next week as I learned at today’s Brighton Marathon Training Day (more on this later) that the threshold runs are crucial for developing running efficiency and everyone knows that hills make you stronger so no room to skip sessions. 

So, a summary of Week Five:

The week in training:

*Every day includes cycling to and from work but I can’t be assed to write this on every training week*

Monday: Core class, physio exercises 

Tuesday: 9mins of knee-niggly plodding until abandonment –> morning yoga session instead

Wednesday: Yoga class

Thursday: Rest + physio exercises

Friday: Rest 

Saturday: Parkrun

Sunday: RunBrighton long run – 10 miles 🙂

Oh yeah, and I got my breakfast bang on this morning too, and had a gel at halfway point, so I didn’t feel hungry in the latter stages of the run like I have for the last couple of weeks. Think I’m beginning to learn what works and what doesn’t!

Brighton Marathon training: weeks 5&6 –> 

What are you training for and how’s it going? I want stories!! 

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