Brighton Marathon training so far – Weeks 1-3

Brighton Marathon training Week 4 –> 

I can’t believe I’m already in Week Four of my marathon training! The weeks have gone so quick, April’s gonna be here before I know it!

Foam roller, tiger tail, running
Apparatus in the temple of DOOM

I’m still going through recurring stages of abject terror and childlike excitement at the prospect of completing my first marathon – my mind is so determined to do it but my body might have other ideas, so I just need to take it slow and be sensible throughout the coming weeks.

I wasn’t too sensible at the start though and went and fucked my knees enough to put me out for a few weeks – now that I’m back running it’s ALL about rest and recovery just as much as it is about putting the miles in.

The last three weeks have looked a bit like this:

Week One – 16-22 December
Easy does it 

The last week at work before Christmas was a monumentally busy one with lots of overtime so no time to run in the evenings. I was glad to see Tom my ace physio on Tuesday to go through taping and check progress on my exercises, and was chuffed that my balance and control has improved a little since doing all these single leg knee dips and squats/Jane Fondas.

He filmed my running style and showed me what to improve on (I’m such a waddler!) and sent me on my way, with the focus of ‘running comfortably’ ingrained in my mind for the coming weeks. With so much to think about and comfort as the main goal, I logged a few easy plods and ignored Thursday’s threshold session:

Monday: CORE class + physio exercises
Tuesday: Physio appointment
Wednesday: Careful lunchtime run, 25mins
Thursday: Careful lunchtime run, 24mins
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest + physio exercises
Sunday: Long run – 45mins (4.2 miles)

Total miles: 8.25

Week Two – 23-29 December
Ho ho hop to it 

Christmas week. Again, with the focus on comfort and lots of festive cheer/chocolate/wine around, I took it easy and logged a few plods throughout the week. It was really nice running in Bexhill where I grew up; I did a bit of a nostalgic tour of the town to pass my old haunts – although was upset to see that my High School has been demolished to make way for a new road build. 

A muddy Christmas Day woodland run saw me return with happy feet and lots of room to polish off the day’s excesses and I finished the week with the most EPIC Sunday in the history of EVER, finally making it to a RunBrighton group training run after missing the first few weeks. 

trail running, christmas day

Monday: Rest (aka Christmas piss up with an old friend 🙂 )
Tuesday (Christmas Eve): Run to town to pick up the car (25mins)
Wednesday (Christmas Day): Muddy woodland Run 25mins + physio exercises
Thursday (Boxing Day): Rest/eat/drink/be merry
Friday: Rest + physio exercises
Saturday: Rest/drive back to Brighton
Sunday: RunBrighton Long run – 90mins (8.5miles) –> my longest run since Brighton Half Marathon in Feb 2013! Beautiful sunshine, no knee pain whatsoever and plenty of fuel left in the tank at the end – I was on top of the world!
Sunday also included a 12km bike ride for an EPIC reward roast 🙂

Brighton sunrise beach seaside
Beautiful Brighton sunrise for our Sunday long run

Total miles: 13.5 ran + 7.5 cycled.

Week Three – 30 December – 5 January  
Happy New Year, happy feet 🙂 

Preston Park Brighton running
A wet & muddy NYE threshold run

The one with New Year in the middle, and going back to work. I’ve really enjoyed running through the festive period; getting up when I want, going for a run, getting back into my pyjamas to eat chocolate and watch crap TV has been lots of fun. Going back to work on Thursday of this week was hard – and I knew I had to bag my planned run in the morning as I wouldn’t be arsed after work.

Behold the pretty twilight hills:

Monday: Rest + physio exercises
Tuesday (NYE): 40min threshold run in the pouring rain – with 3x(5min effort/2min recoveries) OUCH.
Wednesday (NYD): Rest/succumb to hangover
Thursday (Back to work): 25min hills (meant to be 40 but I miscalculated the time)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest + physio exercises
Sunday: RunBrighton long run 90mins (8.77miles) –> a teeny bit further than last week but harder as shit night sleep the night before.

Total miles: 16 

Back to normal for week four…

Now that we’re back to work and normal routine has resumed, week four will include regular cross training like cycling to work and Core/Yoga classes with bfit. I’m keeping an eye on my knees and listening to any niggles as don’t wanna put myself out again. This morning’s threshold run was cut short as knees weren’t happy so gonna take it easy again in time for Sunday’s long run. 

Brighton Marathon training Week 4 –> 

Brighton, I’m coming to get you!  

Are you training for a marathon? Let me know how your training’s going!

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