Brighton Marathon Training Day

Last Sunday after my long morning run with the RunBrighton crew *cough-10miles-cough :)*, I went to the Brighton Marathon Training Day, held at the Hilton Metropole hotel on the seafront.

Brighton Marathon Training Day 2014

The day was run by the guys behind my training plan, Nick and Phoebe, who run RunLounge, and Runningwithus. (Blatantly going for the record number of times I can say ‘run’ in two sentences here).

The right plan? 

I’ve been a bit unsure if my training plan is right for me, as I had to bail on the threshold session last week and wasn’t able to run again until Saturday – if I can’t keep up with the training plan now what am I going to do in a few weeks?!

The advice and information we got on the Training Day has put my mind at ease though and I’ve worked out now that threshold sessions on a Tuesday aren’t going to happen after a long run on Sunday as I need more time to recover. So it’s basically about listening to my body and changing and adapting the plan to suit.

Brighton Marathon Training Day Saucony RunLounge
Saucony demonstrating gait analysis

I’m following the RunLounge Beginner Marathon plan and it gets emailed to me every week on a Friday. You might think it’s a bit weird not to know what’s coming until the week before but I actually really like it as it’s an exciting surprise and leaves no time to get scared or overwhelmed with what lies ahead.

I’ve just received next week’s plan in my inbox and am excited to see another easy run added, taking the total weekly runs to four, as I was a bit nervous that three runs a week may not be enough.

To take away… 

This whole marathon malarkey is unchartered territory for me and I’ve never been to a training day before so wanted to share what I learnt before I forget it all!

  • Marathon uses AEROBIC system. 
  • Consistency is key – if you miss a session or few through injury or illness don’t try and jump in where you should be. Pick up where you left off. Don’t cram training as you’ll just crash and burn. 
  • Tapering is IMPORTANT – Don’t do too much a few weeks before. Your body won’t recover and you’ll be fatigued on marathon day. 
  • Last long run should be minimum 3 weeks before big day – Worthing 20 is a perfect option – 9th March, exactly a month before. –> except it’s a lapped course – 4x5miles?! :-/
  • Buy new shoes approx six weeks before marathon day – this gives enough time to break in. (I don’t need telling twice, I LOVE buying new shoes!)

Threshold and Kenyan What-nows?!

  • Threshold and hill sessions very important 
    • Threshold: 10-15mins warm up essential. Should be at 3-4 word pace – i.e. controlled discomfort. NOT 5k smash pace. If you can’t sustain the pace for the effort time, you’re running too fast
    • Kenyan Hills: 10-15mins warm up essential. Find a good hill. Run up for 45-50 seconds and back down at the same pace – don’t smash it up the hill, die at the top and walk/jog down – using wrong energy system (anaerobic). 


  • Sort nutrition/fuelling now
  • Practice with gels, sports drinks and kit
  • Practice long runs at the same time as marathon start time
  • CONTROL the CONTROLLABLE – make better decisions more often
  • Test – review – change
  • Breakfast – PROTEIN
  • Prep own lunch – batch cook for week
  • If running hard in the morning – fuel the night before
  • Don’t go longer than 4 hours without food 
  • Don’t try something new on race day
  • Common sense prevails – balance between what is ideal and what works for you
Brighton Marathon Training Day
Dawn from Body Rehab talking dynamic stretches and warm ups

There was definitely lots to take away from the Training Day, probably far too much to put down here. I spoke to the guys at Body Rehab about sports massages and glutes/hamstrings stretches as I really seize up after running. Dawn from Body Rehab took the group through some great dynamic and static stretches to practice throughout the next few weeks, so I’ll be taking those on board too. 

The next Brighton Marathon Training Days are 9th February and then 2nd March – it’s already only 78 days until the big race, and I want all the help I can get so I’ll definitely be attending! 

Have you been to a Training Day like this? Were you at the Brighton one? 

Tell me how your training’s going!