Back on the wagon with lots to train for :)

It’s funny how exercise can make you feel right again. My week of day-long cider drinking, over-eating and raving at Glasto took its toll on my fitness and it was really hard to get back on it. My first post-Glasto session was the double whammy – Boxercise followed by HIT. And bloody hell was it hard.

I mean, of course it’s never a walk in the park, but those first sessions were more than hard, they were nearly impossible. I was certain I would die most of the way through, I literally had nothing in me. Thankfully no one took a photo of me in that class, so here’s one of me looking much happier to be exercising, taken just before the week of festival-shaped debauchery.

Back on the wagon

Since then I’ve got right back on it – the mojo has returned, and I’m feeling great. If you told me two years ago that the first thing I’d do post-Glasto is book onto multiple exercise classes and spend over an hour planning the week’s healthy meals I’d’ve thrown my Dominos in your face. Actually, maybe only the crusts, as I wouldn’t have wasted the good bits.

Me and the boy had a couple of days still pigging out once we got home until the day before work when I bit the bullet and got the recipe books and magazines out to do some planning. It took me nearly two hours planning the week’s food against my nutrition plan, and nearly as long to get everything from the supermarket, but the results were yummy and definitely worth the hassle:

So now that healthy eating is back on the agenda and the daily grind at work has reset back in, it’s time to get training for the many exciting races and fitness events I’ve got coming up. *happy face* 

Upcoming races/events

September 14 – Brighton Colour Run

I know it officially uses the American spelling but I refuse to do that on my blog. Anyway, OCD aside, how *fun* is this gonna be?! Running a 5k with your mates whilst having tonnes of multicoloured powdered paint lobbed over you… Anyone who knows me will know that this is right up my street – everything is so much richer with a splash of colour. I’m not expecting to be richer after this race, mind – it cost us nearly £30 each so it better be worth it! Brighton Colour Run – bring it on! 

September 27-29 – Hillmotts bootcamp weekend 

Is it wrong for me to be so excited about a whole weekend of fitness? I’ve been wanting to do a residential bootcamp for ages and when a deal came up on Living Social I couldn’t refuse. The wedding fund took a back seat that day, (don’t tell the boy), and I rounded up my two favourite fitties to book the Dorset weekend. (The swimming pool, sauna and hot tub had *nothing* to do with this location choice). 

On the agenda: Seven hours of exercise a day (kicked off with a HIIT session before breakfast!), with healthy nutritious meals in between. Chuck a bit of yoga in there to chill at the end of the weekend – it’s gonna be immense! Hoping to come back invigorated, revitalised and absolutely bloody knackered. 🙂

Check out the website for a look at the venue and typical day’s training.  

October 6 – Warrior Run (round 2)

April Warrior Run photos 🙂

I am SO excited for this! 6k of mud, swamps, cargo nets, rope climbs, mud, climbing frames, monkey bars, mud, slides, tyre lifts, mud, tunnels, mud and more mud – it’s gonna be EPIC!

Me and the bfit massive did the Warrior Run in April and I managed to just about make it round in one battered and bruised piece, albeit with a little help from my friends (being 4ft10 makes it pretty difficult to master 8ft monkey bars and 6ft walls). Case in point:

November 17 – Brooks 10k 

When the fun of the Colour Run and Warrior Run is out of the way, it’ll be time to get serious with the running and nail the Brooks 10k. When I say ‘nail’, I mean finish in an alright time, still with the use of my legs post-race, and definitely not being the last one in. It’s a fast and flat course along the seafront so I’m sure there’ll be lots of speedy pro’s overtaking me.

I’m gonna try to get faster and stronger over the next few weeks in preparation for this one, alongside getting back into longer runs to start training for the Brighton Half and full marathon next year. Yes, I said ‘full marathon’. To say I’m shitting it is a monumental understatement.

Best get training!


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