#ThisGirlCan – too right she can

I’m a bit late to the party to write about this – there’s lots of chat about it on Twitter and in the media and it’s just too awesome.

This Girl Can from Sport England epitomises everything I feel about keeping fit and healthy. It’s about courage, and strength, fun and team work. It’s about not giving a shit about what others think and how you look when working out.

It’s about dripping with sweat and confidence, enjoying your quest for endorphins and loving being active, whatever it is that you do.

It’s about getting out there and getting it done.

Just watch this and tell me you’re not inspired:

About sex or sport?

Shockingly there has been some negative commentary about the campaign, calling it “patronising” and “about sex, not sport“, which I quite frankly find ridiculous. 

Laraine has written a great post putting the Guardian journalists back in their place after the article that missed the mark so monumentally was published on the website. If anything, the article itself was more patronising than #thisgirlcan could ever be, and Laraine took the words right out of my mouth on this one so head on over to have a read.

Be awesome

I love keeping fit. I love being healthy and looking after my body. Even though I might moan at the time, I love pushing myself and breaking down barriers either in my mind or body and achieving new things. It took a lot of time for me to banish the demons in my head telling me I was ‘too fat to run’, ‘too shit to box’, or that everyone would be looking at me in a HIIT class at bfit Brighton Bootcamps.

Life’s too short to worry about what other people think, and I really hope this campaign inspires those who want to be more active to break down those barriers and do something amazing.

I’ve tried loads of different sports over the past few years, faced my fears and pushed my limits in ways I never thought possible. I’ve achieved lots of awesome things and I’m bloody proud of my body and mind for doing it. Sometimes it goes wrong, sometime’s it just doesn’t happen, but that’s OK – just keep going.

If I can run a marathon, get in the boxing ring, learn to swim, try climbing, kayaking and cycling – you can too.

Here are a few of my posts about the things that this girl did, because #thisgirlcan:

Running my first marathon
My first boxing fight 
Learning to swim 
Facing my fear of heights and learning to climb
Learning how to roll a kayak

For me, #thisgirlcan is what it’s allllll about. I’m off out for my long slow run now, see you on the other side!

What are your thoughts on the campaign? What have you achieved that you’re proud of, and what barriers did you have to overcome to get there? 


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