Winter marathon training

I’m sat here in my bespoke fleece onesie, (that’s right, kids, actually got one made for me –> #shortpersonproblems), with achey legs from today’s long ride and an almost-unbearable excitement bubbling away in my stomach.

Tomorrow, boys and girls, is December 1st. This means marathon training starts this month. And like last year,  (although without the accompanying terror), I’m wayyyyy too excited to get stuck into some proper, structured winter running.

I can’t wait to see my training plan from Run Lounge (do I go for beginner again or intermediate this time? I’m scared to do too much and risk injury).

I’m excited to get up in the dark for the next few months to bosh out some winter miles in the wind, rain and cold with the RunBrighton crew.

RunBrighton winter marathon training

I’m excited to shovel peanut butter on toast down at stupid o’clock and tape up my knees in prep for the slog ahead.

I’m excited to break in my shiny new trainers on the track, road and trails as I tick off the sessions on my weekly schedule.

RunBrighton winter marathon training

I’m excited to come back from the Sunday long run exhausted, drained and elated from what I’ve achieved, and jump (or strategically lower myself) into the hottest and bubbliest bath in the world before getting right on the legs-up-the-wall/ice/foam roll recovery.

Legs up the wall yoga pose - marathon training

Marathon training - foam rolling and gels

I’m excited to soak up everything I can from running blogs, running magazines, other runners, running websites coaches and training days.

Brighton Marathon Training Day

Brighton Marathon Training Day

Basically I can’t wait for running to take over my life again and make me feel my fittest, strongest and more disciplined and focused than I’ve ever been with any other sport.

Is it wrong to crave structure?

I’m gonna do all my strength and conditioning exercises, keep up the swimming and cycling as cross training and get right on the weights to build a faster, stronger me to reach that finish line at Brighton Marathon in April.

I’m definitely gonna get a PB (anywhere under 5:07) and will try my hardest not to bonk in the last few miles. In fact I’m gonna smash 5 hours and work bloody hard to get nearer 4:30-4:45.

I’m telling you now so I can’t get out of it.

Tess Agnew - Brighton Marathon

Brighton Marathon 2015, I’m coming to get you.

And when I’m done with you – Fort William, I’ll see you in July.*

*I may have accidentally-on-purpose entered after eyeing it up for months wondering if I can do two in one year… 


Anyone else about to start marathon training? Who’s excited?! 

Let’s hear your goals… 

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