Getting back on it (again!)

Wow. Another couple of weeks without writing – and not because I didn’t want to but mainly because I’ve been mega busy and physically couldn’t write. I also had nothing really to say anyway apart from ‘ouch’/waaaaaaah/FML etc.

After my debut kayak river trip a couple of weeks ago I gave myself some lovely tendonitis in my right forearm, which was really not convenient and promptly put a stop to me going to the gym, cycling and swimming. It started off as a dull ache just after the trip but with each work day got worse until I couldn’t type, write or lift at all with my right arm.

I thought it’d go away so whacked on a wrist support, slathered on the ibuprofen gel and tried to only use my left arm to work with – which was excruciatingly slow and infuriating. Have you ever tried to use a computer without your dominant hand? Your body goes into total spaz mode and doesn’t do anything your brain tells it to.

After a few days of being in pain and getting angry, storming out to walk round the block to calm down the pain eventually lessened and now it’s (thankfully) completely gone, so I can get back on the proper workouts. And stop comfort eating.

Sucker for structure

There’s a lot going on in the land of Tess at the moment – it’s six weeks until my wedding day so lunch breaks, evenings, weekends and regular night-sweats are currently consumed with hog roast planning, marquee decoration, car park logistics, toilet hire, registrar negotiations, ceremony planning, meeting this, email that, phone call after phone call after phone call.

Wedding brain meme

It’s also really busy at work and this coupled with a wonky arm and not much exercise has put me in a right stress the past couple of weeks. Trying to fit in some exercise and a social life whilst trying not to have a breakdown about the monumental amounts of money that are due this month is quite a task and my training and eating has been far from consistent.

Throw in a weekend at a festival, another at a wedding reception with a free bar and a few more getting friendly with a nice bottle (or few) of red and you’ve got another couple of reasons why training has taken a back seat recently.  It’s been lots of fun though, a nice relief from being on the go during working hours.

Love Supreme Festival 2014
It actually really hurt to hold that bottle but there was a task in hand!

I can’t really combine drinking and training, for me, it has to be one or the other. I like to be in control and the only way to do that is with planning.

Getting back on the wagon

So, it’s a new week tomorrow, my arm is working again and I’ve done all the food shopping, meal planning and most of the food prep for the week ahead. To give me a kick start I’m starting this clean eating detox which actually looks really doable and after that I’ll hopefully be back on track to eat clean and train well in the lead up to our big day.

I’ve spent the afternoon cooking quinoa, peeling asparagus (faff no.1), boiling eggs, grounding linseed (faff no.2) and generally being the don of food prep.

Not that I’m doing it to ‘slim into my dress’ or anything, I’m doing it to get back on a healthy, happy level where I’m not riding a rollercoaster of undulating energy levels throughout the day. When I eat well my concentration levels, focus and energy are at a constant high. I sleep better, train better and feel better.

Training for the Barns Green Half in September has started and it’s great to have a purpose with running again. I’m such a sucker for a structured plan and with six weeks until Wedfest it’s the perfect time to stop faffing about and get back on it.

The only person making me feel shit has been me and it stops now!

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Do you love to follow a training or eating plan? What do you think about detoxes as a kick start to getting back on the wagon?