Beasty clean eating breakfast ideas

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for a beasty breakfast and a healthy lunch/dinner, spending far too long sharing pics of my food and overusing annoying hashtags such as #eatclean, #cleaneating, or #healthybreakfast.

Breakfast is coming meme

I’m by no means perfect and don’t eat clean all the time – red wine, chocolate and pizza make frequent appearances in my weekly diet, usually on a Friday night after a long week at work, and on the weekend we tend to eat out for lunch a lot.

But, I try to live by an 80/20 rule – eat well 80% of the time, and have whatever the feck I want for the remaining 20%. If that 20% is filled with wine and chocolate and dirty pub burgers, then so be it! After all, what’s the point in doing all this exercise if we can’t have a little of what we really want sometimes?

But, when I’m ‘being good’, I like to try new things and put a bit of effort in. A bit of pre-planning goes a long way so I thought I’d share some of my favourite quick and easy healthy recipes starting with; Beasty Breakfasts.

I don’t know about you but I wake up starving every morning – why not make the first and most important meal of the day a good one? 🙂 

Egg & veg breakfast muffins 

Egg & veg breakfast muffins low carb

These are so versatile and easy to make, and taste delicious, whatever you put in – you just have to give these a try. It’s a case of chuck it all in and bake, so you can let them cook while you’re faffing about in the shower or getting your work stuff ready in the morning. Or, you could cook them the night before and reheat them or have them on toast the next day. BOSH.  

I’ve blogged the full recipe here, fill yer boots! 

Protein pancakes 

Banana protein pancakes healthy clean eating

Who said pancakes are just for pancake day? No one. Ever. These badboys do take a little prep and effort but are ready in about 10-15mins if you’re organised. They’re so bloody tasty too, I love topping mine with banana and cinnamon, or blueberries and raspberries, but you can basically do whatever you want. 

For the full recipe step this way

Egg & banana protein smoothie

This is great for a quick breakfast on the go, a post workout refuel or an afternoon snack to keep your energy levels topped up. 

If you get the fruit balance right it tastes marvellous and is surprisingly filling. 


– 2x eggs 

– 1x banana

– Handful of blueberries or raspberries (be generous as this is where the flavour comes from)

– 1x large spoon or two of Total Greek Yoghurt 

– Almond milk 

– Dash of cinnamon  

– Couple of ice cubes 


1) Crack eggs, chop banana, chuck the rest in a blender or a container to hand blend 

2) Blend for your life (I’ve got a hand blender and mix it in a protein shaker as it’s nice and big)

3) Enjoy! 

EGGGGSSSS (and other stuff) to put on toast

We all know the mighty protein power of the humble egg – but having eggs for breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Not that eggs are boring, however. Is there anything better than the perfectly timed runny boiled egg and soldiers?

And when it comes to toast I’m totally and utterly in love with Vogel’s bread. I got introduced to it by a lovely Brighton nutritionist who knows her stuff – she said once I try it I won’t want to go back to normal bread – and she was right. 

It’s got such a dense, nutty, oaty flavour with no emulsifiers, artificial preservatives or raising agents. It’s totally filling and wholesome and full of goodness, you *have* to try it.

Vogel's bread - eat clean

Anyway, enough about the bread, what are we putting on top? EGGGGSSS. And other stuff. 

Poached eggs & bacon (OK so bacon not totally ‘clean’ but errmagahhd baaacoonnn)

Bacon and eggs on Vogel's toast

Poached eggs, tomato, ham and rocket, drizzled in olive oil 

Poached eggs - healthy clean breakfast ideas and recipes


I love a good omelette – another ‘throw-it-all-in’ kinda breakfast that’s quick and easy to make. The other day a clean eating plan I was loosely following suggested an apple omelette. Sounds weird, right? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it – I was pleasantly surprised! 

Full recipe (and others from the plan) here.

Apple omelette - healthy, clean breakfast ideas and recipes

Here’s another omelette I had a couple of weeks ago, with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots, spring onions and tomatoes. Basically I just threw in whatever I had in the fridge, sprinkled a teeny bit of parmesan over it and destroyed it in less than two minutes. 

Omelette - healthy, clean breakfast ideas and recipes

Eggs, asparagus, ham and mushrooms

Who needs toast when you’ve got EVERYTHING ELSE?

Avocado & tomato with ground black pepper

Let’s not forget the good old avocado for a dose of healthy fats. Spread it over your Vogel toast instead of butter or margarine and add sliced tomatoes on top.

Avocado on Vogel's toast - healthy, clean breakfast ideas and recipes

Blackberry & blueberry parfait 

This was another beauty from the Buzzfeed clean eating plan and OMG it was UH-MAZING.  Like a little helping of breakfast sundae whipped up in a matter of seconds.

Blackberry & yoghurt parfait - healthy, clean breakfast ideas and recipes

– A few generous tbsp of Greek Yoghurt
– Handful of blackberries, roughly chopped
– Handful of blueberries
– 2tbsp roughly chopped almonds
– 2tbsp ground flaxseeds

Mix everything together in a jar, layer more berries and almonds in between and on top, and sprinkle with flaxseeds. Simple. As. That.

Good old oats

I hereby swear, for as long as we may live, (and run), we shall never forget the humble porridge oat. There are about 10million ways to have your oats in le morn, but these are two of my favourites:

Oats with almond milk, blueberries, crushed almonds and honey

I don’t even need to tell you why this is good. It just is. Go do it. Now. Go on! Works just as well with bananas btw. NOM. 

Overnight oats 

A very recently discovered bowl of pure joy. Why the hell did no one tell me about this before?! Ooh it’s so thick and creamy and filling and YUM. *happy face*

Note to self: maybe put a bit more almond milk in next time as they were a teeny bit too thick


– Porridge oats

– Unsweetened almond milk 

– Blueberries

– Greek yoghurt

– Honey

– Blackberries 


– Mix the lot together

– Leave it overnight in the fridge 

– Top with blackberries 


Overnight oats - healthy, clean breakfast ideas and recipes

And there you have it 

So there you go – no more excuses about not having time or not having any ideas for filling and healthy breakfasts. I wake up excited about breakfast every day and really enjoy trying new things out and finding new favourite recipes.

Next up: Sexy lunches. Hold tight for a bit though as I’m 27 days away from getting married so my ‘over the next few days I’ll be sharing’ might be ‘whenever I can get a break from wedding admin’.


Do you eat breakfast regularly? What are your favourite healthy (or not) breakfast recipes? I’d love to find some more. 

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