A naked Parkrun: chasing that buzz again

Stuff the Naked Bike Ride, this morning I did a naked Parkrun and fell back in love with running. No Garmin, no pressure, no worries. Just ran on feel and had no idea how I’d done until the text came through, and when it did (28.5mins), I wasn’t disappointed or anxious or upset with my time, but pleasantly surprised.

Preston Park Parkrun, Brighton

The thing is, since the marathon, I’ve been avoiding running outside. It took me so long to recover and I spent far too long rewarding myself with cake and gin and basically anything I’d been refraining from during training that me and running just didn’t get on any more.

Excuses, excuses

While Chris has been getting up every Saturday for Parkrun, even when hungover, clocking some proper amazing weekly times (20:39 PB so far!), I’ve been sitting at home finding excuses not to get back out there.

I’ve lost my barcodes. My knees are sore. I’ve gotta tidy the house. I’m too hungover. 

My promise to get back on the wagon after the marathon didn’t last long and I must’ve ran outside only a handful of times since then, including a stop-start hilly Downs run with the Bosh Run crew and of course the amazing Heroes v Villains 10k race last month which was totally AWESOME ’cause I got to dress up and do the biggest quiff ever and ran with friends.

But apart from that and a few sweaty interval sessions on the treadmill, my mornings and evenings have been filled with cycling, lifting weights at the gym, kayaking and (trying to) swim, and I’ve really enjoyed not having the pressure of a marathon hanging over everything I tell my legs to do. 

That proper buzz

The thing is though, for me, *nothing* beats that runner’s high. Out of all the things I’ve been doing recently, as much as I love boshing out 30mile midweek road rides and going heavy on the morning gym sessions, I really don’t love anything as much as I love running, and today, I’m chuffed I broke my running drought. I’m back in the game, and it feels great. 

Nicola from WeDoRunRun made this pretty graphic 🙂 

My legs still work, I’ve not lost much running fitness since the marathon (apart from maybe distance, I’m not gonna go out and run 20miles tomorrow), and the fire in my belly that can only be ignited by putting one foot in front of the other in the wonky way that I do has been rekindled. 

Running, I’m back.

Do you have running breaks? What exercise gives you the best high? 


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