Getting back on the wagon

I’ll be honest, I’ve not done much running since the marathon. Alright I’ve done bugger all, bar 15 minutes on the treadmill before yoga last week and a dodgy 6.5 miles the other day where I had to stop on the hills and hyperventilate into my phone to record my first #ukrunchat moment.

My hip was still niggling a little, I’d put myself in a rush to drop some money off at the cat shelter and had to find a working cashpoint en route (not as easy as it sounds apparently!). This combined with the lack of running recently and setting out a bit fast meant it wasn’t pretty when the hills appeared. It’s actually a good little route and I’m gonna try to do it more often to get some hill training in as it’s definitely something I need to work on.

Anyway, the run looked a bit like this:

I made it home but am left wondering how the hell I ran 26.2 miles just a few weeks ago?!

In between regaining the use of my legs, starting a new job and squeezing in a bit of wedding planning, I’ve been spending the past few weeks still scoffing like I’m training (hello expanding waistline), getting right back on the sauce and enjoying a lovely camping trip to South Wales for some much-needed R&R.

Behold my happy back-on-the-gin face:

Whilst it’s been lovely to have a break from running and being a slave to the training plan, the bingeing and lack of exercise and structure in my week has caught up with me and I’m feeling pretty hideous.

So, from now, it’s right back on the wagon. Starting with a nice and easy pace 10k run tomorrow morning before heading over to Bexhill to do the rounds with the family and the wife. I’m telling you this so I can’t get out of it and sit about in my pants eating yet more peanut butter. Edit: one uncomfy stop-start almost10k run done, with not an endorphin in sight. Hmph. 

I’ve got so much stuff I wanna get stuck into now the marathon’s done but there’s just not enough time in the week so I’m gonna draw up a list of priorities and try and make some of it happen (starting with Julia Buckley’s Fat Burn Revolution as I’ve been meaning to get into weight training for a long while now).

Next week’s training

This is what my getting-back-on-it plan looks like (going heavy on the hot yoga as have a Groupon to use up by May 5th).

Unfortunately I can no longer run to work as don’t have use of a shower at my new job so runs will have to be done in the evenings. It’s a good job it’s getting lighter 🙂

Walk to work (or cycle if I can be arsed to fix my third puncture this year!)
Run or walk to bfit Core class & sneak in 30mins treadmill workout before class 

Walk/cycle to work
Hot yoga 7pm

Brighton fitness clubs bfit dynamic hot yoga parkrun sweatshop

Walk/cycle to work
6.5mile run loop featured above – trying not to walk so much on hills.

Walk/cycle to work
Hot yoga 7pm or SRC intervals – depending on how legs are after Wednesday evening run

Walk/cycle to work

Parkrun pacing a friend
Hot yoga 10am or midday

Long(ish) run if feeling good – 8 miles?
If not, rest & eat ALL THE ROAST.

Are you struggling to get back on it post-marathon? How are you sorting your shiz out – I need tips!! 

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