Weeks 5 & 6 Brighton Marathon training

Brighton Marathon training weeks 7 & 8 –> 

I’ll open this post with a message from Jantastic that really resonates with me at the moment:

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the beginning of week 7 Brighton Marathon training! That means the big day is only 9 weeks away. If I’m honest I’ve thought of pretty much nothing else, apart from Wedfest, of course. I’m so focused it’s sickening. (Or obsessive, you decide). 

Training’s been going well mostly and I’m really enjoying the journey. Apart from anything else it’s just nice to be outside and enjoy the seaside/countryside – I feel lucky every day knowing I’ve got such natural beauty on my doorstep to run through.

Bexhill on sea Galley Hill, Collonade
A beautiful misty run in Bexhill yesterday

As much as it scares me how fast time is disappearing I’m loving having a target and ticking sessions off/seeing improvements in pace and distance.

I’ve been practicing with gels/fuelling, kit to wear and listening to my body (especially knees) to rest when needed. With my dodgy knees this has meant that I’ve had to rest a bit more than I’d like, and have missed a few runs but on a whole the miles are clocking up nicely and I’m getting my head around pacing for threshold, long and easy sessions. Had some pretty hot dates with the foam roller and Tiger Tail too.

Marathon training - gels foam roller tiger tail

Core blimey!

The Kenyan Hills sessions are still a bit of a battle as my knees don’t always recover in time for these but I’m doing my physio exercises and lots of yoga/core classes and cycling to get some cross training and strength/conditioning in.

bfit Brighton Core class bootcamp
bfit Brighton Core class

Another thing that’s been great for core strength is kayaking. I’m a couple of weeks into a six week pool kayaking course with the Martlet Kayak Club in Brighton to learn to eskimo roll, which I’m loving. This is part of my goals for 2014 as I’ll also be learning to swim and get back in the sea for some Spring/Summer kayaking. (More on this later).

Martlet Kayak Club Brighton

Pain in the arse

A couple of things worrying me with running though; my hamstrings and glutes are so ridiculously tight after and sometimes during runs, so much so that it physically hurts to sit down for too long. I’ve had cramp like this for a while but it’s got much worse as I’ve increased the running. Sometimes it gets so bad I have to stand up and stretch it all out every hour at work, it’s like stabbing pains in my glutes and backs of the legs – even though I’ve been stretching/foam rolling etc. like a boss post-run.

I’m overdue a review anyway so am getting it looked at on Tuesday with Tom at PhysioRooms in Brighton – hopefully it’s fixable.

The other thing that’s worrying me a little is the fact that my weekly mileage isn’t that high – but I’m not sure if it matters at this stage as I’m sure it’ll increase and anyway I have to take things slowly because of my knees so we’ll see… 

Braving the elements 

Today’s long run was a number of things, not all of them good: cold, wet, windy, muddy, hilly and quite frankly bloody hard work. In fact, it’s the hardest run I’ve done in a long time, not because it’s the furthest, (11 miles people!!), but because the weather, terrain and driving wind and rain battered me senseless for over two hours and made me question my sanity on a number of occasions. 

RunBrighton training run - South Downs Devil's Dyke marathon training brighton

Despite this though, it was absolutely exhilarating, and the atmosphere and camaraderie of other runners and RunBrighton Ambassadors was just fantastic. I’m totally loving these group Sunday long runs; I’ve met so many amazing people (a lot of whom I’ve been chatting to on Twitter for a while but hadn’t met in person – Beth, Nik, Matt, Danny, Michelle to name a few), found new running routes, challenged myself and come away feeling on top of the world after every single run. 

I couldn’t do it on my own, I know that for a fact. 

Anyway, a breakdown of training for weeks 5 and 6:

*Every day includes cycling to and from work but I can’t be assed to write this on every training day*

Week 5

Monday: bfit Core class + physio exercises 

Tuesday: Kayaking 

Wednesday: 50min threshold run with 5x(5mins effort / 2mins jog) + bfit Yoga class

Thursday: Rest 

Friday: Rest + physio exercises

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Winter Duathlon at Dorney Lake (the one where I lapped Kelly Holmes)

Total miles: 23

Week 6

Monday: Physio exercises 

Tuesday: 25min kettlebells workout @ home + Kayaking 

Wednesday: 35min threshold run with 2x(10mins effort / 3mins jog)

Thursday: Rest 

Friday: Rest + physio exercises

Saturday: 40min easy run

Sunday: 11miles long run (trails, hills, wind & rain!) with RunBrighton 

Total miles: 17

Next week is a recovery week so no threshold or hill sessions, just four lovely easy pace runs. I’ve got physio on Tuesday morning and am gonna hopefully book a sports massage too so looking forward to it! 

What are you training for, and how’s it going? Do you do long runs in a group or go solo? I don’t know if I could hack racking up the miles on my own… 

Brighton Marathon training weeks 7 & 8 –> 

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