How to lose weight at Christmas – and other fitspo tosh…

I hope you didn’t come here and expect to find a definitive guide on how to maintain or lose weight this Christmas. Don’t read on for tips and tricks on how to ‘Say No’ to that extra mince pie, or turn down the chocolates in the office.

Take a look at this piece of guff right here, complete with excellent use of grammar (the copywriter in me is twitching profusely):

christmas fitspo motivation
How about NO? 


Here’s a little lesson for us all – we’re human. Humans have tastebuds, and impulses, and like to indulge, especially at Christmas. We work hard, we raise children and families, we pay bills, taxes and rent/mortgages. We save money (or try to), we recycle our rubbish into separate boxes. We run, we lift, we cycle. We go to group classes and bootcamp. We drink, we eat, we dance, we go to gigs, festivals and nights out with friends. 

In short, we have lives – often busy and hectic lives at this time of year, filled with deadlines and work, and shopping lists, and one hundred other things to organise and fit in during December. Some of us (me included), also have marathon training plans to start this month too. 

We exercise because we want to, because it makes us feel happy, and focused, and gives us energy and a nice healthy dose of endorphins. 

So, you know what?

If we want a mince pie, WE WILL EAT A MINCE PIE. If we want pudding with our second or third three-course Christmas do of the month, we’ll bloody well have it. With cream, and chocolate, and ice cream, and a massive, self-satisfied grin on our face.  

Eat all the foods meme

There’s far too much fitspo guff going round online at the moment telling us how to avoid this, don’t eat that, and go for a 10 mile run to work it all off or ‘earn it’ if we do. This sparked a bit of a debate over on the Twittersphere this week when Polly shared the following tweet:

Leah, Soph, Sarah and Katie all agreed that this person should bore off.

How about just maintaining our fitness level throughout the month, carrying on with what we do anyway, whether that be running, cycling, swimming, walking, exercise classes, WHATEVER, and enjoying a little indulgence alongside it because it’s Christmas and that’s what we do? 

We’ve got a couple of weeks at least before the barrage of ‘NEW YEAR, NEW YOU’, ‘Undo Christmas, lose 10lb in 10 days’ bollocks hits the magazine shelves so let’s just enjoy it, shall we? 

Right, that’s my rant over – I’m going for a run. But not because I want to work off anything or earn my dinner tonight (which, yes, is another 3-course Christmas dinner), 

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