Running, I love you.

Dear Running,

I just wanted to say, I love you.

Thank you for our 10k date yesterday, it was lovely. My favourite route – Brighton’s undercliff path. The sun was shining, the air brisk, sea calm, and Etherwood’s new album playing on my iPod – it was beautiful.

Remnants of the weekend’s gin still sloshing around in my belly but there was no hangover at all, Running, because you made me drink water in between jaeger bombs and gin at the family wedding, didn’t you?

Just so I could run the next day.

*You did that.* 

From now on, it’s just me and you.

Me, you and Physio

146 days until the three of us get together with Brighton and do the M word.

I know Physio will sort us out, he’s a top bloke. We’ll listen to him this time.

I flirted with you for a long time, spending most of my time with Bootcamp and Zumba, but they just didn’t give me what you can.

I mean it this time, it’s not a fling. I’m ready to commit. It’s time for the M word.

I’ve even bought running socks and How-To books to learn more about you.

Running, I love you.

Please don’t hurt me before 6th April!

Forever yours with endorphins,

Tess xxx


Do you sometimes find yourself ridiculously in love with putting one foot in front of the other, or is it just me?

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