Stairs, stones and slopes – knees back in action!

I don’t wanna jump the gun here, but after over a week of feeling sorry for myself not being able to run and blaming it all on Ben, I think my knees might just about be back to normal! Or as normal as they ever will be.

Steve Ovett Olympian statue brighton seafront
I always run strong when I run past this statue of Steve Ovett

The accidental knee test 

I wasn’t meant to be running tonight – me and the boy have joined a local sea kayaking club in Brighton (I love this city!) and were meant to be out riding the waves. These said waves were too rough for me though on only my second time in the water for years so I opted out and thought I’d attempt a run to test the knees. 

Being on the seafront I took advantage of the pebbled beach, stairs and sloping ramps up to the road, just to test things properly on different terrains. 


I didn’t go for long, only nearly three miles, but I ran hard and strong where it mattered and felt good, not as slow and painful as last night’s attempt at a test run. Gonna try a slow five-six miles on Saturday and have a go at a long run on Sunday to see if I’ve got the stamina for next weekend’s Run to the Beat. As I only had four weeks to train in total anyway it was never gonna be the performance of a lifetime – it’s gonna hurt and I’m fully aware of that. It’s just a case of whether it’s gonna hurt because I’m undertrained but have the stamina to carry on, or whether I have to pull out as it’ll hurt from a proper injury. 

I’m really hoping the latter isn’t the case, but I’ve got too much coming up to be doing myself any massive damage, so will see how it goes this weekend and make a decision.

Have you got bad knees, joints or other niggling injuries that keep flaring up? Any tips on knee supports por moi? 🙂

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