Day Three of #Juneathon – Tribesports Challenges

Working in social media and being addicted to the Internet you can imagine my pleasure at finding a social network purely dedicated to fitness. I’ve been boring people on Facebook and Twitter for ages with my escapades, so it seems only right that I give people a break and channel some of my ramblings elsewhere.

I came across Tribesports last month after a fellow runner/blogger posted about the #30DaySquatChallenge and directed me to the website. I’m a sucker for challenges and need structure in my training. I tend to work better when there’s someone/something telling me what to do, and love to share my experience with others, so Tribesports Challenges are perfect.

It’s free to set up an account, and you can start doing the challenges straight away. I signed up to the #30DaySquatChallenge at the beginning of May but missed a few days and ballsed it up, so have started it again from today. Another challenge for Juneathon is the Sexy Leg Workout, which involves all manner of evil things such as wall squats, sumo squats and leg raises. Ouch!

I’ll spare you the ‘before’ photos (no one needs to see that), but here are the exercises:

If you’re on Tribesports already, come say hi 🙂