[VIDEO] Synchronised Swimming with This Girl Can

My Swimathon training hasn’t exactly gone to plan. In fact my whole ‘I can train for Brighton Half, Swimathon and boxing at once’ plan has fallen flat on its arse, as preparation for my fight next month has taken priority. 

I have a plan though: I’m not wearing my watch for the half next week (first race EVER without it!) to take the pressure off (goodbye sub-2), and will make sure I get a few swims in from next week onwards. 

Saying that though, last week, as part of my This Girl Can ambassadorship with Active Sussex, I did get manage to get down to the pool, and joined Brighton Dolphins Synchro team to try my hand at synchronised swimming!

Now, I’m sure you’re aware, I’m not well known for my elegance. I like to punch things/people, lift heavy and run hard. I finish my workouts drenched in sweat and ready to inhale whatever food crosses my path. 

So as you can imagine, I was apprehensive about synchro. Mostly of the deep water (having
only learnt to swim a year or so ago and still got a thing about being out of
my depth), but also of the precision and poise required to pull it off in

I aint no mermaid, let me tell you.

However, despite my best efforts to drown (and I really did try hard), I lived to tell the tale and the Dolphins looked after me marvellously. They’re a really friendly (and patient!) bunch and never stopped encouraging me to keep trying even though I had a proper meltdown half way through. 

If you fancy a go, they train three times a
week at Prince Regents Swimming Complex in Brighton, and take part in local and
national shows and competitions all throughout the year! 

Visit their website here.

Find more about how to get active in Sussex on the Active Sussex website

Have you ever tried synchro? 
What sport would you like to have a go at?

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