Women: know your place – don’t push your limits

I’ve just seen something that’s made me more angry than you’ll ever know. In fact I’m finding it hard to understand how stuff like this is actually allowed to be published at all, quite frankly.

I was gonna have a short lunch break today but this needs to be said so I might just take the full hour and treat you to a proper rant.

Thanks to Kat at Run My Own Way for sharing this appalling piece of tripe on Twitter from the Superior Bikes’ website – ladies, just take a look at this:

Have you ever read something more unashamedly sexist and preposterous in all your life?! It’s Women’s Sport Week this week, raising the profile of women’s sport and celebrating all the amazing and wonderful sportswomen in our world, professional and recreational, standing together at the start line of something big – it’s called equality.

Yes, we have vaginas… 

Just because we have vaginas doesn’t mean we can’t push our limits, relish adrenaline and ride, run, swim, climb, fight as hard and fast as we can.

Having a vagina doesn’t make our requirements for a mountain bike ‘completely different than men’s’.

I do not look for ‘mainly safe, easy and, of course, stylish bikes’.

I look for quality, performance, style and durability. Not to mention cost. I want a bike that’ll handle the biggest, steepest downhill trails I can find to throw myself down to test myself and get my adrenaline hit. There might be some trails that I’m not ready to ride just yet but give me a few days’ practice and I’ll take you on, Superior Bikes.

You and your penis.

I might have a vagina but I am fierce, and fearless, and furious, and you can do one with your everyday sexism bullshit. This Girl CAN etc. etc.

Ooh, I swore too. How unladylike. I best get back to the washing up…


What do you think about Superior Bikes’ use of language and gender stereotypes here? 

We’re celebrating Women’s Sport Week on UKRunChat, UKCycleChat and UKTriChat all of this week – come and get involved over on Twitter! 

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