Brighton Marathon training: Weeks 9, 10 & 11

Goodbye Maranoia, I’ve got this –>

OK so we’re in week 12 now (WEEK BLOODY 12!!!) and if I’m honest it’s all getting a bit scary. Marathon day is approaching and there’s nothing I can do to stall it. Training’s been going OK the past few weeks but it’s been manic at work which means I haven’t been able to hit all the planned sessions due to lack of time, energy and general enthusiasm on some parts.

2 at a time baby, yeah. 

My legs haven’t been the happiest either – for the past two long runs my hamstrings have started screaming at me later in the runs and my right knee in particular has been wanting to make itself known to the world. I’ve been taping the knees up for the long runs and getting right on the heat and ice afterwards to try and aid recovery.

This last push towards the big day is the toughest part of training so far as accumulative fatigue seems to be right on my tail and trying to up mileage while running on tired and unhappy legs isn’t the easiest of tasks. Ever since smashing the half everything hurts. I think it’s a combination of my body not being used to running further than 13.1miles (everything from now is a distance PB), accumulative fatigue from the past 11 weeks of training and also the fact that I’m quite probably still recovering from the half, on a deeper, cellular level.

Anyway, I’m not gonna give up now, with only 32 days to go *gulp* I need to do everything I can to make sure I’m as ready as I can be to take on the big 26.2.

Here’s how the past couple of weeks have gone:

Week 9

Monday: Physio exercises + Core class  

Tuesday: Cycle commute to/from work + Kayaking
Wednesday: Progression runcommute to work. Nailed the pace and felt strong. Got to work a red faced, sweaty mess. Happy days. 

Thursday: Cycle commute to/from work

Friday: Marathon pace runcommute (ended up being a bit faster than marathon pace, I’ve got to work on getting it right and slowing down). 

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Smashed the Brighton Half Marathon. Felt strong to the finish, raced my heart out. Probably why I’m still knackered now. 

Brighton Half Marathon 2014

Week 10 

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Cycle commute to/from work + last session of kayaking in the pool. Can now do screw roll with a paddle! 

Wednesday: Cycle commute to/from work. Cancelled yoga due to overtime 
Thursday: Cycle commute to/fromRest (overtime at work)
Friday: Runcommute to work (overtime in evening) 
Saturday: Broke in the new trail shoes with 4miles round the park (+ overtime) 
Sunday: RunBrighton long run up the Downs. The hardest run of my life. 🙁

RunBrighton marathon training runs  Brighton Marathon
Before the wheels fell off 

Week 11

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Cycle commute to/from work + hot yoga class 

Wednesday: Progression runcommute. Not an easy one, but beautiful morning for it.  

                     bfit CLASS + Yoga class. 

Brighton beach morning run
Beautiful runcommute view

Thursday: Cycle commute to/from work   

Friday: Cycle commute to/from work 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: RunBrighton long run (wanted to hit 16miles, managed 15 but was in pain for last 2-3). Last BM Training Day. 

Brighton marathon training day
15 sunny seafront miles and the last BM Training Day

The past couple of weeks since the half have been hard, but looking back at what I did running/exercise-wise I think I can see what I need to sort. I need to make sure I hit the run sessions as per the training plan, make sure I fuel properly for the long runs (two gels and water is no longer enough for the longer distances), and probably also need to allow my body time to recover from the half. 

Even though my legs felt OK the next day, there’s definitely some recovery still to be had. I also definitely need to make my physio exercises a priority again for these last few weeks – especially the hamstring strengthening ones. 

32 days until the big day, guys. 32 bloody days. Hold me. 

Goodbye Maranoia, I’ve got this –>

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