Rest & recovery – the hardest thing to do?

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Dear Tess, you’re a nob. 

OK thanks bye. 

PS enjoy the knee pain. 

Tess x 

Two weeks ago I ran my best 10k race in the world *ever*, got a shiny new PB, ran strong with no pain at all, found Jesus at the finish line, etc. etc. Job done. The week after, another 10k race, (OK not on a nice flat seafront but around the undulating tracks of Sandown Racecourse at the Running Show), and I’m practically in tears at 5k with shooting pains in my knees.

Being the stupid, stubborn and inexperienced runner that I am I decided that I couldn’t possibly call it a day at that point so ploughed on to finish, and have been in pain ever since.

I haven’t been able to run all week, or walk/get up from my desk/go up and down stairs/squat or crouch/DO ANYTHING without these shooting pains following me around reminding me of the Grade A Douche that I am for not listening to my body. It’s like the aftermath of Ben Nevis all over again.

Add to this lack of sleep and an *insanely* busy week at work hunched over my desk with lots of overtime and you get one stressy Tessie. There’s so much tension in my shoulders and neck it’s ridiculous.

Rest hard

This morning I’m meant to be running with RunBrighton up to Devil’s Dyke but am obviously giving it a miss. (sad face). I’m actually going mad not being able to exercise though so was planning a 10mile bike ride and an hour of swimming to restore some balance.

That was until I got some good advice on the Twittersphere from a physio, who spent ages politely telling me to rest before finally pulling out the caps lock in response to my ‘but-what-about-swimming/cycling?’ ‘but-I-*have*-to-do-something’:


He’s got a point. “Seven days of doing nothing, fixed, or three months messing around still in pain”. There’s another good point. I’m not ready to dump Running yet, we only just took our relationship to the next level, and if we’re gonna get marathoned I’m gonna have to do the following things:

1) Listen to my body. 

2) Rest HARD – that means no cycling to work (I’ve cycled every day this week), no swimming, nothing, nada, zilch. 

3) Ice my knees, get on the anti-inflams, book a physio appointment with Tom

4) Book a massage to rid me of the tension I’m carrying on my shoulders. (Anyone got any experience with massages? Not sure which type to go for…)

5) CHILL. 

Operation Rest Hard is underway. The most difficult thing to do 🙁

PS. I will write about the Write This Run / Running Show this week too, just fancied a moan first!

Brighton Marathon Training Weeks 1-3 –> 

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