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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hitting the reset button with a Hillmotts bootcamp

Ladies and gentlemen, a confession: I've lost my morning mojo. 

I'm not sure where I've put it, I've looked everywhere. It used to propel me out of bed at 6am on the first sound of my alarm, with not even a faintest whiff of a snooze button. It used to get me organised for early bootcamp the night before, lunch packed and in the fridge, kit laid out and work clothes/shower stuff all packed in my rucksack ready to just get up and go.

Lost mojo

Me and my morning mojo were best friends. I'd turn up to work all smug and satisfied that I'd done my workout (and got to have second breakfast) before most people were in the office. Some days I'd go to an evening bootcamp session or Zumba class too, and do a double whammy. 

But the past few weeks I just can't seem to take my own advice and drag myself out for an early session. I've been concentrating more on my running, and have seen great improvements which I'm mega chuffed with, but have bailed on the bootcamp sessions and my fitness has slipped. 

When I was training for the Brighton Half Marathon I naively favoured bootcamp sessions and cross training over actual running and so although I made it round, it was painful and not pretty, and I vowed never to run a painfully unprepared race like that again. I did more running to prepare for the London Duathlon, and it paid off. So it works both ways - now that I've been concentrating on the running and not done much bootcamp, my overall fitness has slipped in favour of making progress in my pace and strength as a runner. 

It seems there needs to be a fine balance between the two - a balance which I'm hoping to reach again pretty sharpish after this weekend...

Hillmotts bootcamp: Dorset --> the perfect reset button

Hillmotts bootcamp Dorset

Me and my two favourite fitties are going for a Hillmotts weekend bootcamp in Dorset on Friday. We've been looking forward to it for months and I'm really excited at the prospect of having three whole days of exercise, healthy eating and a weekend away with the girls. We chose Dorset as it's got a sauna, pool and hot tub, so we can relax and unwind after a hard day's work! 

I've wanted to go on a residential bootcamp for ages so hope it lives up to my expectations. I'm treating it as a reset button to get me back on the mornings and kick start my first Autumn/Winter of marathon training.

A typical day at Hillmotts bootcamp
A typical day at Hillmotts

Our weekend will start on Friday at 12:30pm as we register and check in, and after a fitness assessment at 2pm it's straight into an afternoon of classes. Saturday and Sunday are both early starts with a HIIT class before breakfast, and a full day of bodyweight, circuits, Zumba, aerobics, hiking, running, boxing, core and pool classes to get through - followed by yoga at the end on Sunday afternoon!

Hillmotts will be fuelling us with 'calorie-controlled energy providing meals', and there'll be group discussions about nutrition and healthy eating throughout the weekend. We also get all the recipes for the food we'll eat, so lots of motivation and inspiration to keep it up at home.

Hillmotts bootcamp example menu

Watch this space for a review of our Hillmotts weekend bootcamp in Dorset!

What are your thoughts on morning workouts - are you a morning or evening kinda exerciser?Have you been on a Hillmotts bootcamp before, or are you thinking about it? 

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  1. I am feeling exactly the same. I haven't been to the gym in a week. Still running so I'm not being totally lazy. But I used to go to the gym twice before work each week & now I just prefer my bed. Hope you find it soon x

    1. Ahh, there must be something in the air Rebecca! I reckon I'll come back from this Hillmotts weekend right back on the morning workout wagon! x

  2. I think that for today 'workout out first thing' should trend! Because freakishly I finished a blog I'd started yesterday about early workouts (although sadly no lovely bootcamp for me) and a lovely blogger I follow tweeted about getting locked out after a early morning run this morning..

    I know how you feel though as some mornings I struggle like hell and others..say this week I'm 'on it' and up bright and ready to hop out - Plus like you I set out all my clothes, meals etc etc

    Enjoy your bootcamp - Can't wait to hear how you got on..I approve that they may be giving you flapjack! (ooooh yeah!)

    1. Haha I've *literally* just read your post and commented how we're on the same page! Can't wait for the bootcamp, I'm gonna get on it like sonic. There's apparently 3 trainers and you can work with whichever you want depending on how hard you wanna be pushed. I wanna be pushed into oblivion - gonna get my money's worth! x

  3. I've always wanted to see what a residential bootcamp was like. Looks like there'll be lots going on whilst you're there. Looking forward to your recap! :)

    1. Hi Mary, it was absolutely amazing, I'm definitely going back for more! Have written the first part of the review, there's just too much to say to fit it into one big post!


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