Run 5.30 Brighton review (VIDEO)


Run530_Brighton_race_review_Tess_Agnew_fitness_bloggerThere’s not much I’ll set a 4:30am alarm for.

Going on holiday – yes. Working an event – reluctantly, yes. Running? Apparently so… 

This is the third year in a row that I’ve set the same alarm on a glorious Friday morning in July in Brighton – only this time, around 800 other people joined me… double the number on last year.

If you haven’t heard of Run 5.30, the premise is simple: you run 5.3km, at 5.30am. It’s a fully organised event accessible to everyone (you can run, jog or walk), with a medal, free t shirt, and lovely post-race breakfast at the end.

The event started in Italy after co-founder Sergio Bezzanti turned his love for his daily 5:30am walk into an event concept, with nutritional support from co-founder Sabrina Severi.

Run 5.30 now has races in 10 Italian cities, and Brighton is its first UK venue, where it landed in 2017. It’s more than tripled in size since that inaugural event with bigger and better expected next year (and another rain-free, glorious summer’s morning, please!)


Why 5.30am?

According to the website the aim is to help increase the wellness of the people in the town they live and work, whilst delivering a sustainable event with zero environmental impact:

  • To promote daily physical activity
  • To discover the city in a unique atmosphere
  • Because the day is always so busy
  • Because a little movement helps to start your day
  • Because there is no traffic
  • Because it does not steal family time
  • Because the route is short and accessible to all
  • Because it won’t affect your weekend plans
  • Because you get to eat delicious fresh fruit




There’s a few great things about this event that keep me coming back, and it’s not just the novelty of earning a medal before 6am. It’s not just the fresh local cherries, apple juice or delicious creamy yoghurt that goes with it.

It’s not just the compostable cups that the cherries are handed to you in, nor the clearly marked recycling bins placed responsibly around the breakfast area for everyone to see. Nor is it just the free downloadable photos (yes, FREE!) shared on run530’s UK Facebook page, or the friendly, smiley team who make it their mission to give you a great time.

It’s a combination of all of that, and everything listed above, and getting to reconnect with running friends, some I haven’t seen for ages (because someone’s not running at the moment ?), around the sleepy Brighton streets before the world has woken up. Everyone knows I’m a sucker for a morning workout but I do need a bit of convincing sometimes.

And what better persuasion is there than the promise of pre-work finish line vibes!

Find out more about Run 5.30 at and don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Insta


ICYMI, here’s a video from the first event when it came to Brighton:



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Would you get up for a 5:30am organised run?