Brighton Marathon Weekend - BM10k review 2018 - Tess Agnew fitness blogger 

OK so this is a bit late, so sorry if you don’t care any more.

Lots of exciting stuff has kept me from getting this BM10k review and video edited and published –  stuff like my latest blog on The Body Coach (YAY!), and another couple of big deadlines for exciting freelance clients. Oh yeah, and my birthday. I’m thirty-bloody-two now guys. What’s all that about?! I’m totally living my best life right now, happiest I’ve ever been which is ace, but still feel every now and then like a real adult should come and tell me what to do. Do you get that?

So yeah, after a loooooong month of deadlines deadlines deadlines, today’s the day where I finally get to treat myself to some proper blog time. And it *is* a real treat, you know 😊

BM10k – all the fun without the pain

Brighton Marathon Weekend - BM10k review 2018 - Tess Agnew fitness blogger

The 2018 BM10k. Another year where I couldn’t be bothered to do the full marathon, but didn’t want to miss out on the epic atmosphere of Brighton Marathon Weekend. In case you’re wondering why I cba to do the full marathon again just yet, you can watch the hottest, hardest marathon of my life here.

Over 12,500 people descended on my beautiful, brilliant hometown for this year’s BM10k and Brighton Marathon, both of which were started by the legend that is Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE, founder of parkrun. Surprisingly, it was my first year of taking on the 10k so I was looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere and skipping the pain. Getting all the good bits of the day – ace crowd support, nice, mostly flat route, great race village and medal – without the black toenails and crises of confidence at mile 20-26.

Brighton Marathon Weekend - BM10k review 2018 - Tess Agnew fitness blogger
Nabbed another photo with our mate Norman 🙂 

I signed up to the 10k with passive plans to go for a PB but life and work got in the way and I ended up doing ZERO training, which was of course an excellent idea all round. I’ve been doing lots of strength training with my ace PT (read about that here), and getting my HIIT fix at the brilliant F45 studio in Brighton (more on that later), but running-wise just couldn’t didn’t get much in at all, apart from a couple of token treadmill efforts and a plod around the park.

So come race day I was very nervous about actually being able to complete the full 10k course. Turns out – I can run 10k on no training… but it does hurt afterwards! After the race both of my feet hurt, which must’ve been a hangover from when I injured myself running 10 miles on concrete after only training on trail before Brighton Half. It calmed down in a couple of days this time so wasn’t half as bad, but it’s clear there’s definitely a problem there now. Or is it that I should just actually TRAIN PROPERLY for these things instead of just going out and doing it anyway? Who knows. Do as I say kids, not as I do. 💁

Anyway, that’s quite enough of me banging on – here’s the video of a brilliant BM10k where I bumped into lots of my running buddies (and a lovely reader of this blog who was a marathon pacer – if you’re reading this, you made my day, thank you!x)

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Entries are open for Brighton Marathon Weekend 2019 (marathon and 10k) – go go go! 

*I was given two free places in exchange for writing this blog and making the video 🙂 


Have you been part of the Brighton Marathon Weekend before?

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