Mountain biking in Wales – a tour of the trails

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Bike Park Wales - Afan Forest Park - Forest of Dean - Llandegla - Coed Y Brenin

Put me on a bike and I’m happy. Take me to Wales with it and I’m all yours. 

I cannot tell you how happy it’s made me to get back to cycling in the last few weeks, especially to get back to the trails. It’s been three months since I broke my collarbone and wrist, and now that I’m back on the bike I feel like me again. 

With all bones intact too – bonus!

I’ve been meaning to write about our mountain bike adventures for ages. I’ve touched on it before when talking about how much I love cycling, and the first time we went gorge walking in the Brecon Beacons and mountain biking at Afan Forest Park, but never written a full post about all the wicked trail centres we visit at every chance we get. 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales |  Coed Y Brenin
Start of the green, orange and blue trails at Coed Y Brenin, North Wales

Since that first visit back in 2014, we’ve returned multiple times to tackle the blue and red trails at two of South Wales’ best trail centres – Afan, and the amazing Bike Park Wales (which by the way is like a theme park for mountain bikers). 

On the way to or from Wales we usually stop off at the Forest of Dean to take on the brilliant blue Verderers Trail (where I recently broke myself), and Freeminers red route. 

This month we finally made it to the north to check out a couple of trail centres in Snowdonia too. There are SO MANY places to go mountain biking in Wales, it’s actually ridiculous. 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales |  campsite near Coed Y Brenin
That view though… Cae Gwyn campsite near Coed Y Brenin mtb

This trip wasn’t meant to be a full on mountain biking holiday – only three months since breaking my collarbone, I didn’t want to push my luck and do too much, so we planned some other stuff around the cycling. 

However, of course with Wales being Wales, the weather put a stop to us climbing Snowdon, and we forgot to actually pre-book Zip World to go on the world’s fastest zip line so we ended up riding four trail centres in six days and getting my confidence back on the wheelz!

Something for everyone 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales |  Afan Forest Park Y Wal
A fast descent on the red Y Wal route at Afan Forest Park, South Wales

I wanted to blog about these amazing trail centres so you can visit them too, whatever your ability.

Don’t own a mountain bike? – Don’t worry. You can hire one from any of these centres for a fee. Details below. 

Never ridden the trails before? No problem. Each trail centre has lots of trails clearly colour coded and marked according to ability with info on what to expect. From the green family trails through to fast and flowy blues; technical, rocky reds; and expert blacks with large drop-offs and jumps. 

We only ever ride the blues and reds… not quite ready for massive jumps and proper downhill just yet! 

Each of these trails are set in the lushest, most beautiful forests, climbing high into the mountains and hills for some truly epic riding. 

Trust me. If you like cycling, you’ll love these places. Go go go! 

Forest of Dean 

Location: GL16 7EH /  

Park: £3.50ish

Ride: Family/leisure | singletrack graded trails | downhill & enduro 

Eat: Cafe serving hot & cold drinks & food (bacon sarnies, jacket spuds, paninis)

Shop: Good bike shop & workshop for servicing, fitting and fixing

Hire: from £26

Learn: Women’s skills sessions | Steep & natural coaching | mtb leadership course 

Stay: Nearby campsites

There’s lots of the Forest of Dean that we haven’t explored yet. Every time we go we always do the fast and flowy Verderer’s trail, which is blue graded. It’s got a lovely singletrack climb through the trees followed by an exhilarating flowy descent that’ll get you grinning all the way to the bottom.

Just don’t pump into the rollovers like I did if you can’t jump or you’ll end up like this!

FitBits | Mountain biking in and near Wales |  Forest of Dean

The red Freeminers is another brilliant trail, more technical and steeper / rockier in parts than the blue. It’s also got a couple of small dropoffs and a skills section with a boardwalk and dropoff practice area. 

FitBits | Mountain biking in and near Wales |  Forest of Dean Freeminers

And then there’s the gravity downhill route, aptly named Launchpad. It’s a completely smooth, incredibly fast and flowy gravity downhill trail that will see you FLY down to the finish, whatever your ability. There’s a jump section but it’s signposted before you get there so you can slow down and roll over the table tops if like me, you’re not up for jumping. 


There are loads of other trails at FoD but we’ve not done yet as not skilled enough to come out alive. 

Afan Forest Park 

Location: Port Talbot, SA13 3HG /

Park: £1!!

Ride: Family/leisure | singletrack graded trails | Afan Off Piste (black run guided ride off the beaten track – ask at the shop if you’re hard enough)

Eat: Cafe serving hot & cold drinks & food (jacket spuds, sandwiches, breakfasts, CAKE!)

Shop: Brilliant bike shop

Hire: From the shop 

Stay: Onsite campsite £3.40pp per night! 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Afan Forest Park

Afan has a place very close to mine and Chris’ hearts – it’s the first trail centre we ever rode, back in the summer of 2014. It was at the bottom of the brilliant Widow Maker descent on the Blue Scar trail that we decided this was the kind of mountain biking we wanted to do. It’s also got a campsite onsite so bonus!

Favourite trails: the fast, flowy and fun Blue Scar, and the beautiful, long and technical Y Wal (red graded) that snakes high up into the trees for a really gorgeous mountain bike adventure. 

The red graded Penhyyd has more of a climb than Blue Scar and a rockier, twistier descent. We’re suckers for a smoother ride though so prefer the blue. **edit Aug 2017: having been back to Afan again since writing this we now bloody love rockier Penhydd and took on our first black – W2 (Y Wal and White’s Level, two reds, put together. Right on our limit but what an epic ride!) 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Afan Forest Park Y Wal
High up in the trees on the beautiful Y Wal trail

Bike Park Wales 

Location: Merthyr Tydfil CF48 1YZ /

Park: free I think, but you pay to ride (£7 for the day, and about £4 per uplift or £32 for the unlimited uplifts all day including ticket entry)

Ride: amazing network of singletrack graded and proper downhill trails WITH UPLIFT!! 

Eat: Great canteen serving food and special BPW beer!! 

Shop: Good bike shop and workshop for servicing, fitting, etc.

Hire:from £40, book online 

Stay: Nearby campsite

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Bike Park Wales

This place is the mutts nuts of trail centres, I kid you not. It’s like a theme park for mountain bikers. It’s fast, flowy, and a whole load of fun. 

For blue trail lovers there’s five wicked blues – including the incredible Terry’s Belly – a 4.6km rollercoaster of YES MATE. It’s the UK’s longest continuous blue descent and boy is it a good ride. 

Go and have a go on my favourite ever blue trail. 

Along with the blues BPW plays host to a bunch of more technical rocky reds and a load of beasty blacks for hardcore riders. We’ve done all the blues, and Wibbly Wobbly / Rim Dinger from the reds (the latter of which I went over the handlebars and chipped a tooth on one of the huge rock gardens!)

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Bike Park Wales uplift
All hail the uplift!

Because BPW is all about the down there’s an ace uplift service (at a cost) that’ll take you and your bike to the top to throw yourself back down time and time again. We normally ride two or three climbs and treat ourselves to a few uplifts too – you can buy single uplift tickets at reception if you don’t book for the whole day. (Oh I do love a good climb 🙂 ) 

Oh, and they have photographers hiding in the trails at certain (advertised) times, so you can get some nice shots of you on your wheels. 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Bike Park Wales

It really is a badass bike park. The end.

Coed Y Brenin

Location: Dolgellau LL40 2HZ /

Park: £5  

Ride: family/leisure | graded singletrack 

Run: Also has a whole network of running trails!

Eat: Cafe serving hot food & drink  

Shop: Good bike shop and workshop for servicing, fitting, etc. Small running shop selling only Solomon. 

Hire:from £25 

Stay: This amazing nearby campsite

Been meaning to come here for ages, since hubs had a taste of it last year with the kayak club and I didn’t go with him. 

Out of all of the trail centres I’ve been to, Coed Y Brenin is the most beautiful, and had some really cool touches like giant forks and other sculptures around the trails. 

It’s also got a bunch of running trails too if you fancy venturing out on foot!

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Coed Y Brenin

Both the bike and run trails are gorgeous, snaking through lush, green forest and over rivers and small waterfallls. It’s the UK’s first, and largest dedicated mountain bike trail centre, with loads of beginner and family trails right up to experienced and expert riders. 

We rode the blue MinorTaur, which was a great re-introduction for me to find my flow after my accident so would be perfect for beginners. It’s a flowy blue, but nowhere near as fast as Blue Scar at Afan, or the final descent of Verderer’s at FoD.

After that we moved onto the 11.2km Cyflym Coch which was more technical, rocky and difficult, and started with a really technical climb over huge rock gardens in the woods. 

I LOVED this one as the technicality forced me to slow down and ride with precision, and it had some great climbs and fast  rocky descents as a reward. 

It was the trail I got my confidence back on 🙂 

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Coed Y Brenin

We’ll be coming back to Coed Y Brenin to take on the other red and black trails (because it seems here, the blacks aren’t as ‘black’ as other trail centres). 


Location: LL113AA /

Park: £3ish

Ride: family/leisure | graded singletrack 

Run: Also has a whole network of running trails!

Eat: Really cool Visitor Centre & cafe serving hot food including the sexiest fish finger sandwich and doorstop beans on toast in the world

Shop: Good bike shop and workshop for servicing, fitting, etc. 

Hire:from £35  
Learn: Ace range of courses

Stay: Nearby campsites

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Llandegla

This place was recommended by a lovely Welsh mountain biker at the campsite by Coed Y Brenin as it’s only about 45mins away. 

He reeled off another two or three places to ride in the area (Penmachno Bike Trails, I’m lookin’ at you) that we’ll definitely check out but for now we only had time to do the blue trail at Llandegla on the way home. 

Personally I found the climb a bit boring (lots of long, straight exposed road rather than the twisty and technical through the trees that I love) and the flowy down not quite flowy or long enough, but it’s a lovely trail through the forest nonetheless. 

Interested to see what the other trails here have to offer – there’s also running trails too!

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Llandegla pump track

Oh, and a really ace skills section with a pumptrack, jumps, dropoffs, berms, corners, and boardwalks! We had an 11 year old dude teaching us how to pump when we were there. 

They do some great courses too so you can learn to jump and ride more confidently. 

Ima get me some skillz… no more broken bones for me!

FitBits | Mountain biking in Wales | Llandegla skills area


Do you like mountain biking? Do you know any other trail centres we should visit?

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