Finding my fit after Christmas

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I’m on a roll this week. 

After a shaky start going back to work, with tired, watery eyes and relentless caffeine and sugar withdrawal headaches for two days, my body and mind settled back into routine and I’m pleased to say we’re both out the other side.

I wanted to go back to work alert, productive and full of energy, and the only way to do that was to get off the coffee and pull the plug on the Fererro Rocher breakfasts and red wine afternoons I’d gotten so used to. (Tell me not to indulge at Christmas at your peril).

It wasn’t just the caffeine and chocolate dependency that had to go this week. Chez Agnew is hereby an alcohol free zone, and has been since New Year’s Day. We went out for dinner last night without wine and survived to tell the tale. Who knew.  

It’s been a week of cleansing, healthy meals (i.e. real food, none of that juice detox BS), and full on fun and escapades getting back on the exercise wagon, ticking off multiple To Do lists along the way.

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Learning to adult

I’ve made a start on some of my goals for 2016, having spent all of last Sunday clearing out the bedroom  – yes, it took all day – because apparently I am a MASSIVE HOARDER.

It’s amazing the kind of crap I’ve been keeping hold of ‘just in case’. We took a huge laundry bag of clothes and stuff, as well as a box of books to Age UK, and have started on the living room this weekend.

I realised this week that we’ve lived in Brighton for seven years and in all that time have never had a proper clear out.

That’s a whole lotta junk, kids. Most of it mine. Don’t tell Chris.   
We also finally went to the bank and opened a Help To Buy ISA (ADULT ALERT), and even bought a new file to sort through our many piles of paperwork cluttering up the flat in an attempt to organise the beautiful mess that we live in.

It’s happening – we’re both 30 this year. Time to adult.

Or try to ollie, whatever…    

Do all the things 🙂 

Training-wise, it’s been a great week. I love indulging as much as the next person but there’s only so much of it I can take. I wrote only three weeks ago about how I was struggling to make running comfortable again but took my own advice and after a week of sucking it up and getting back on it I feel good again.

My body’s remembering how to run and my fitness is beginning to fight its way back to the surface from underneath a layer of two months’ mostly chill time.

Behold the updated event calendar (added to since the last post as I’ve confirmed a few more adventures):


As you can probably see I got greedy and have given myself four separate spring events to train for simultaneously, which, for all my sins, could go either way.

I was meant to be going for sub-2 at the half, but I’ll see how the next few weeks pan out with the other stuff. I can focus on the running and boxing from now until the fight, picking up cycling and swimming in between as nice cross training in time for the Swimathon SimplySwim to spread out the distance over a few days.

Training for the London Revolution can then ramp up after the fight, and then it’s all about sea swimming over the summer to get strong for the tri’s. And summer = skateboarding heaven, of course. With the lighter evenings and dryer weather I’ll be able to skate more than once a week indoors at the brilliant She Shredders Brighton sessions.

FitBits | Deadmill intervals - Brighton gym
That’s not a typo – deadmills – intervals without turning the treadmill on!

THIS is why I didn’t wanna do a marathon this year – so I can do ALL THE THINGS 🙂 

This week’s fun and games went a bit like…

MON – Rest day / caffeine headache
TUE – First boxing class since the summer. (Educational to say the least)
WED – 40min progression run
THU – AM: Deadmills and weighted squats at the gym
           PM: Skateboarding
FRI – 10k platform intervals
SAT – parkrun
SUN – Rest / work / blog day 🙂

Stay tuned to see if my greed and taste for multitasking gets the better of me! 


How’s your first week back after Christmas been? 

Are you back in the game yet or still in denial?

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