Why does yoga make you high?

Tonight I had the most nourishing, wholesome and goddamn beautiful experience of my life.

I’m not even joking.

There was a moment – alright, a few moments – where I was so flooded with serotonin, and peace, and (hold tight, it’s coming…) love, I nearly burst into fucking tears right there on the mat.

Does anyone else float out of a yoga class on a bed of bliss? 

I haven’t had time for yoga recently. Or actually, I haven’t made time. I’ve been so busy with work, projects, training and general life that the idea of setting aside some time to just breathe was out of the question.

Which is funny because the one thing that would balance everything out is yoga.

I’ve realised, from flirting with it for a good couple of years now, that it’s something I really *need* in my life. I’ve been dining out on amazing free classes and intro offers for too long.

It’s time to invest. 

I’m gonna spend the next few weeks trying out different Brighton yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to find the ones to commit to. I’ll bring you my findings soon but for now, let’s look at why so bloody awesome:

Why does yoga make you high?

Photo I took from Brighton Yoga Festival – read about it here.

1. Binging on oxygen 

All that deep breathing. That lovely, nourishing oxygen massaging your internal organs, easing your tight muscles, flooding your system with space. You breathe into every inch of yourself, starting the class closed, finishing wide open.

It’s magic.

2. Treat yo’self 

We lead busy lives, always on the go. People are everywhere. Deadlines, to do lists, and chores; training plans, family commitments and social lives.

How often do you really take time out for you and only you?

There is no better way to reconnect with yourself than to practice yoga. Unless you’re treating yourself to full on meditation, in which case – hang on – I want in.

3. Bloody good stretch 

I dunno about you but I work a desk job, and as much as I love it, I could really do with moving more. Apart from my workouts, I spend eight hours a day hunched over a computer before coming home to sit on the macbook or watch telly.

I rarely ever get my 10,000 steps (more on this later), and every time I stand up from my desk parts of me click and jolt back into place.

It’s really not good for us to be so sedentary. I come away from every yoga class stretched out, realigned, and well and truly reset.

4. Let it go 

It’s amazing how much tension you hold in your upper body without realising. How many times has a yoga teacher had to readjust your shoulders or prompt you to really let your neck and head go in a forward bend?

Or let go of the tension in your forehead and jaw in savasanah?

(And isn’t it just glorious when you do?)

For me, yoga is the ultimate stress releaser. No matter how tough my day’s been, how hectic my life is, I know that when I’m on the mat it’s time for just me, and only me.

I’m so excited to finally make more time for that. 

Do you literally get high on yoga? Please tell me I’m not the only giddy, 

floaty yogi in the room! 


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