21 things about an ex-smoker/junk-food-eating fattie-turned-health-freak

They say you have to do something 21 times to make it a habit. I’ve changed a lot of things in my life and have made being healthy my favourite habit, so, to properly introduce myself, here are 21 facts about me (in no particular order):

1) I love keeping fit and it really pains me that I often have trouble fitting in everything I want to do into each week. I’m currently trying to find a way to cram running, swimming, cycling, weight training, boxing, yoga and climbing into seven days and it’s just not working so I’m having to prioritise for upcoming goals!

2) I live in Brighton with my fiancehusband and cat Dobby Scabbers. (RIP Dobby xx). Can you tell we have a thing about Harry Potter named cats?

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3) I’m a Search and Social Media Marketer and Copywriter for a digital agency in Hove (actually).

4) I’m scared of spiders, dentists and heights, but I’m learning to face my fears. (Spiders can do one, however).

5) I’m addicted to the Internet.

6) I’m scatty but organised – my life is organised into tidy(ish) piles.

7) I have 23 piercings, all in my face.

8) One of my failed stop-smoking attempts prompted me to learn crochet to keep my hands busy. I soon picked up the bacci tin again but never put down the crochet hook. I eventually quit smoking though, haven’t had a fag for four years.

9) My favourite place in the whole world is Glastonbury.

Glasonbury festival

10) I love Zumba but don’t have time to go any more – Sherryn Watkin does the BEST classes in Brighton.

11) My first ever race was Seaford’s South Coast Half Marathon. I ran with Chris and his family for Cancer Research. I ran the whole way so was pretty chuffed, even though I couldn’t move the next day and had no idea what I was doing with fuelling.

South Coast Run - Half Marathon Seaford
South Coast Run Half Marathon 2012

12) My second half marathon was Brighton, in February 2013. I shaved six minutes off my time and came in at 2:21:20 which I was mega chuffed about but it was MUCH harder than I thought it’d be, mainly because again, I had no idea what I was doing with fuelling.

Brighton Half Marathon 2013
Brighton Half Marathon 2013

13) My third half marathon was Brighton again, February 2014. I absolutely smashed it, ran strong to the end, bagged a 12 minute PB, found Jesus at the finish, etc.

Brighton Half Marathon 2014
Brighton Half Marathon 2014

14) I still suck my thumb.

15) My favourite book is Junk by Melvin Burgess.

16) I’m half Greek Cypriot, but have never been to Cyprus, or Greece, and the only Greek I know is to tell you to close the door and a few profanities, both of which could come in handy if in the right situation I’m sure.

17) I cycle everywhere and LOVE a good hill.

18) I play guitar (badly). My wonderful other half bought me a beautiful Fender acoustic for Christmas, which I’m totally and utterly in love with.

19) My favourite band of all time is Oasis.

20) I get daily inspiration from Angry Jogger and  Gus the Fox.

21) I like writing lists.


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