You know when you’re running and your mankini falls down? It’s annoying, that is.

Alright it’s not quite a mankini, but the Bandolier reflective vest from Nathan Sports sure does look and feel like one. I get that its minimal design is meant to be more comfortable and ‘won’t interrupt arm movement while running’, but unfortunately there was quite a bit of additional arm movement going on my end to pull the bloody thing up.

Not sure if I had it on the wrong way round – at least if it was a mankini that would be obviously (and painfully) clear. But yeah, sorry Nathan, this one’s not for me.

Just as the clocks went back and daylight swiftly legged it, Nathan very kindly sent me a box of winter running goodies to test out and report back on. The Bandolier vest is unfortunately not something I can get on board with, but the rest of the kit is pretty great actually and works brilliantly for cycling as well as running.

Me and my mankini about to do some serious product testing

To see: Zephyr Fire 100

I’ve always carried water when running so have never been bothered about holding something in my hand along the way. This little beauty is lightweight, comfortable and nice and bright, with two brightness settings and one strobe – making a perfect companion for a winter trail run. 

It’s got a weird ‘head turning siren’ too that scared the shit out of the cat when I accidentally pressed it and I hope I never need to use it on any humans in the near future.   

The light straps onto your hand and weighs pretty much nothing so I hardly noticed I was ‘wearing’ it. Except when I put it on before trying to tie my laces. It’s not great for tying laces and being strapped onto your dominant hand. Reckon it’d be pretty rubbish at trying to brush your teeth whilst ‘strapped in’ too. 

I’ll let you know. 

To be seen: Hyperbrite & Pulsar Strobes & Light Spur

These handy little clip on strobe lights have been a life saver on the cycle commute as it’s got darker. I spent a fair chunk of money on expensive bike lights but never got round to replacing the battery in my rear one so these have come at the best possible time. 

They clip on to your clothing or bag, have a variety of settings, and kick out a good bright light for visibility.

The Light Spur, £19.99, is my new favourite toy for winter cycling. You can never be too visible on the roads in the dark, and it’s surprising how little drivers can see you if all you’ve got is one red rear light. Some cyclists in Brighton don’t even have that. 

I like to dress up like a Christmas tree so this is great. Just need to dig out my high vis vest and I’m sorted. It’s great for running too – with proper running shoes you can’t feel it even though it’s a very tight fit.


As well as these ace lights Nathan also sent me a set of lock laces (great for triathlons) and a Fire & Ice insulated reflective bottle. I also received a couple of pairs of Feetures socks.* The Elite Merino+ Light Cushion ones are like running on ACTUAL CLOUDS.

I never ever run without running socks nowadays and these badboys are just BEA UTIFUL. If they don’t get me a PB at Brooks 10k in a couple of weeks I want my money ba- Oh. Wait.

Visit to find out more about these products and find your nearest stockist.

*Disclaimer: I was sent a box of goodies by Nathan to review on my blog. All views, hatred of the mankini and awkward video shots are my own. 

What do you wear for winter running and cycling? 

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