I love a good cliche.

I’m a total sucker for positive vibes and don’t care who knows it. Life really is far too short – you’ve gotta go out there and do what you want to, grab every opportunity with both hands or it’ll be too late. (I’m going back for these tomorrow…)

I’ve got a lot to be thankful for right now – a gorgeous husband who is my world, an awesome network of friends and family, lots of exciting projects on the go, and starting next month – my dream job, working in sports communications.

At the beginning of the year I went to a Write This Run workshop and came out of it with a renewed motivation and kick up the arse I needed to draw up my masterplan and actually make shit happen instead of just talking about it.

Set yourself a goal, and make it happen

Do you want to be the person who wishes they’d done something, or regretted not trying harder when it mattered?

Have you ever started something you really loved only to give it up because it was difficult, or inconvenient, or you didn’t progress quick enough?

Sometimes taking the easy way in life is too tempting. Just in case, you know, it all goes tits up.

When was the last time you said to someone who was doing something awesome: “I’d love to do that”, even though you’ve never made any moves to actually try in the first place?

Don’t you want to see what you’re made of? 

As a writer and word porn aficionado, the December cover of Outdoor Fitness struck a chord with me.

They don’t have to tell me twice. I’m on it, don’t worry.

Embracing FOMO

Me and hubs popped into town for a roast today*, and came back with two skateboards. I started skating with Brighton She Shredders a few weeks ago and every time I learn something new I bounce home like an excited child (watch the video with #ThisGirlCan and ActiveSussex).

Although always hugely supportive of everything I want to do (and patient beyond words with my impulsive, everchanging must-do-all-the-things-now disposition), Chris was not the first person to have reservations about my dodgy knees and warn me about the risk of injury if I take up skateboarding properly.

“You’ll definitely fall. What if you really hurt yourself? You won’t be able to run.” 

It took me the time taken to clear our plates to convince him that it’s obviously a great idea and that he of course also needed to start skateboarding again too, after giving up a few years ago. He really does need to get a hold on that FOMO of his.

Work in progress:

Make your life count. Fill it with adventure. Do things that scare you. Try something new. A new skill you want to learn? Go do it. Now. Do it all.

You really do only live once, and all that… 🙂

* Pork belly at The Fountain Head, Brighton is the absolute sex. That is all.

What do you really want to try but haven’t done so yet? 

How are you making your life count?


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