5 ways to stay motivated in the winter

I’ve lost it. My get up and go has swiftly got up and left, probably when the clocks went back and daylight did a runner, if not before.

I thought it was just my early morning mojo that I’d lost, but then it took me until gone lunchtime today to even entertain the idea of getting out for a run, let alone wake up early for any of the brilliant group runs going on around Brighton.

Incidentally, it didn’t go well, but it got me out of my pyjamas nonetheless.

I love a good dose of early morning endorphins, I do. There’s nothing better than getting out in the crisp autumn air while the rest of the city sleeps.

You get it all with morning workouts – clear roads and empty trails, proper peace and quiet, a sunrise if you’re lucky, and a nice big shot of serotonin to see you through the day. When I work out in the morning, I’m energised, full of endorphins and raring to go.

I wrote about why I love winter training only last month, so why is it, then, at the moment I just can’t be bothered?

Even the cat knows which he’d choose…


Sometimes, when you’re busy at work, with lots on in the evenings and weekend (events, blogging/projects, nights out, family stuff), running and exercise just has to take a back seat. As much as I try to be, I’m not Superwoman.

I can’t have it all. I like to have a lot of plates spinning and fill my days up, but if I really want to do something well I have to focus on it, and that’s what I’ve been doing this past few weeks. Just not on running and other training.

I’ve been really productive in my work life (read my five productivity hacks here), and am excited to say it’s paid off more than I could ever hope for, but more on that later.

It’s time to get back to fitness and find my mojo once more. Tomorrow is a new day and a brand new week. Let’s make it a healthy one.

1. Get to bed earlier

The main reason I’m so friendly with the snooze button these days is because I’ve been up late writing and working on things. Yes, I’ve been productive, but midnight or later bedtimes are not conducive to a happy, smiley Tess when the 6am alarm goes off.

After a week of failed attempts I stopped pretending I was gonna get up and just set it for a normal time to get to work without a workout.

Starting tomorrow, bed times are 10.30pm or earlier. You should do the same – it’s amazing what a couple of hours extra sleep a night can do for your health.

2. Book a class / PT

One great way to get you out of bed even if you can’t be arsed is to book onto a class, group run or PT session and pay for it. Same goes for evening workouts too.

You won’t want to let people down or be the one to bail out, so will be more likely to make the effort. Make yourself accountable to others and enjoy the company!

If you can’t get to a class or group run, well then you’ll just have to take drastic measures to make it fun for yourself, won’t you…

Last week’s fun and games 🙂

3. Prep your food

Eating in Chez Agnew this past couple of weeks has been far from ideal. Lots of long days, busy evenings and heavy weekends on the go has meant we haven’t been bothered to cook and have opted for the easy option of the pub across the road, takeaways or shop-bought lunches.

Plan and prep your meals for the week as much as you can. Think about snacks too, and don’t try a new recipe the evening you’re back home late.

A bit of time spent planning our meals and training for the week, and prepping tomorrow’s lunch means I know exactly what I’m doing when I wake up and don’t have to faff about.

A crappy photo of tomorrow’s his ‘n’ hers tuna nicoise salads for lunch

4. Try something new

I’m a big fan of trying new things, especially when in a bit of a rut motivation-wise. The key to staying fit and healthy is finding something you love to do, not something you feel you have to do.

Working with Active Sussex as This Girl Can Ambassador will open doors to lots of new and exciting fitness escapades across the region over the next few months, so I’m looking forward to sharing these with you.

(Stay tuned this week for my new favourite playtime – skateboarding!)

5. Buy new kit

There’s lots to be said for a nice bit of retail therapy. I don’t know about you, but when I have new kit I can’t wait to get out there and give it a spin. I haven’t bought new kit for way too long and my staple items are looking a bit sorry for themselves.

Being so busy I haven’t had time or money to actually go shopping yet but I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Brooks’ new Jungle print Ghose 8 shoe this weekend, so stay tuned to my Twitter and Instagram if you’re a neutral runner and Brooks fan to hear the verdict.


How do you stay motivated when life takes over and the winter closes in?